New C2 C4/HS Wormhole corp looking for members

If you’re not blue, then we’re gonna mug you and take your stuff… and no one is blue.

US Based Active PvP, PvE Wormhole Corporation
All Time Zones welcome
Current Recruitment Status: OPEN

Does the thought of living in a house where the doors move all the time sounds interesting to you? Where local is blank even when people are watching you. Where isk comes in increments of 100,000,000’s. Where safety and danger mean the same thing. Come join Muggers, we’re a small returning group of players who just got re-established in wormhole space. We’re looking to maintain a small gang corporation and never get big enough where we don’t know each member personally.

What we can offer:

  • Treated with respect and dignity, even if you messed up
  • ISK making fleets! (All fleet members get an equal cut, even if your new and learning)
  • Tight knit group, no one is a face in the crowd or ever will be
  • Located in the perfect 100% safety of a Wormhole
  • Small gang roams
  • Experienced members to help guide lower SP and returning players
  • Scanning, we have lots and lots of scanning

What we expect of you

  • Discord with a working microphone
  • Participation in Corporate operations
  • Be able to fly Cruisers for PvP
  • Be able to fly Battleships with 100km attack range, or Logi for PvE
  • Follow orders during fleet operations and pvp
  • Mature, friendly players who are committed
  • Ask questions, willingness to learn is key and we want to teach you everything
  • Follow bookmark naming conventions
  • Scan down and bookmark sites in our static and home

All new members are required to supply a full ESI token (with ALL Characters)

Join Muggers Public channel or contact us and lets get to mugging people!:
In Game: Saliephinian (Director)
Discord: Stelio_Kontos#1582

In Game:
Ben Stillwell (CEO)


Recruitment is still open!

still recruiting members? also whats the criteria to join?

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