Do you want to live and experience the variety of wormhole life? Are you anti-social? Mostly Solo player? Do you hate being on comms all the time? Do you have kids, house, full-time job or two? Can you only play once a week? Do you wanna just login for an hour run a relic site and huff some gas? If yes, join Omni Paradox Securities. We aim to be a relaxed mature wormhole corp to chill and play how you want on your schedule, with very few requirements (scanning, bookmarking, updating pathfinder, and one defense ship are the only MUSTS). Comms are recommended but only required if and when any fleet ops occur, and a quick 5 minute chat when joining.

We are a new corp that occupies a C2 class pulsar system with a static C3 and HS connections.

We accept both veteran pilots, new bros, social, anti-socal, whatever. We aim do everything wormholes have to offer whether it be PVE, PVP, GAS HUFFING, MINING, or HACKING.

Our system has a vast and diverse planet system that will open up passive and semi-passive income streams for all your needs

What we Offer:

  • Discord for text and voice comms (work in progress, and I am not a discord wizard)
  • All corp decision can be voted on, if you want or need something suggest it
  • No War ( we are not war eligible )
  • 11 Planets to do planetary interaction
  • Tax is a thing unfortunately, structures are expensive need fuel-5% standard and POCO
  • 10% Tax on everything farmed or acquired in wormhole chain
  • Transparent corp finances with monthly published spreadsheet
  • Daily Hi sec connection
  • Easy income from C3
  • Friendly and mature environment, absolutely real life comes first
  • Astrahus currently with future structures planned based on corp needs and finances

This is a new corp still in its infancy and set up, but please feel free to reach out in-game to Split Izar or in discord at Omni Paradox Securities

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