New computer, don't want to lose settings

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask - I’m moving to a new machine, I don’t think I could face re-configuring everything on my new install of EVE - I’m particularly concerned with my UI and overview settings, key bindings etc., however ideally I would run the launcher on the new machine and find everything exactly as I left it. Where is this config stored locally, and how to folks generally migrate this stuff? I’m using photonUI if that makes any difference…



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excellent, many thanks!

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Maybe this helps too Client Preferences and Settings Backup - EVE University Wiki
And to be on the safe side, save your overview settings, and make a copy of that file from the e.g. MyDocuments/EVE/Overview folder (or Documents/EVE/Overview in case of Win10). It should work on your new pc. The (My)Documents/EVE folder is also where you find the Fittings subfolder, in case you want to transfer some of those.

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