Transfering UI to new pc

(yort sed) #1

afaik the UI is saved on my pc
in brief, is there an eve based method of UI transfer?
or does one just dig through the eve folder looking for settings?
new pc and trying to find the most painless method
thanks guys

(Roksana Kolesnikova) #2

As i know, the easyest way is to copy the whole “users/yourname/documents/eve” to the new pc

(Rivr Luzade) #3

You need to copy over the EVE folder from the location that Roksana described in order to have your current Overview settings on the new PC.

In addition, and this one is more important, you need to copy the CCP folder, or at the very least, the Settings folder from your AppData folder on the new PC. You can find this folder somewhere like here: C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE

In this folder you find a folder called something like “k_games_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility”, which is the installation path of your EVE client. This folder contains all the settings that you use on your current machine.
After you installed EVE on your new PC, check the AppData location if there is already a settings folder to the new installation path. If yes, copy the content from the backup of your old pc into the folder and you should be set. If not, start EVE once in order to create such a folder and then copy the content of the backup into the folder.

You should also backup the settings folder regularly because I have made the experience that EVE likes to delete all your settings of random characters if you have a bluescreen while clients are running.

(yort sed) #4

awesome, thank you guys