Playing Eve on different PCs


I have 2 PCs and i want to play on both, with all my Overview Settings and so on.

So i had a Eve installation, that was fully configured for me.

Then i installed Eve on the second PC and copied my “first” cache folder to the new installation.

But this Client kills my original cache and all my settings, like channels and overview settings where killed :frowning:

How can i do it, to play eve on different machines, without killing the cache and/or have all settings as the same?

2 accounts. 1 per pc. Settings set seperately.

No, i want all my account WITH the SAME settings on different PCs.

I don’t know if you can transfer a copied setting from one pc to another. But it might be possible.

Chrissi - It sounds to me that the wrong folder is being migrated.

From an EVE Uni article, the folder(s) you are most likely interested in will be located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\CCP\EVE\ (Not C:\EVE)

And at a glance, this article seems to give more info about the specific files within, but I can’t guarantee it’s accurate.

From there, you might even be able to sync to a shared copy stored in OneDrive/etc via Microsoft SyncToy or similar utility. I’d be a bit wary of something going wrong on any automatic sync though.

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