New Corp - Casual Industry & More

Ivy Industrial is a highsec based industrial member of the Almost Broken Alliance. We have training, mining support and access to the Providence Null Sec Region. Ivy Industrial is CVA/Provi Bloc Blue and follows a strict “Not Red Don’t Shoot” engagement policy (NRDS)

Ivy Industrial’s high sec operations center around Ice mining, fuel manufacturing and market trade. We offer tax free research, manufacturing and reprocessing for corp members. Paid courier contracts are available. Our buy back program is designed to cover most looted or harvested items at 5% below Jita buy order. Orca support for fleet mining operations. All tech one mining hulls are provided buy the corp (Must be doctrine hulls).

We offer-
Tax free reprocessing, manufacturing , research and copy
Tax free planetary Interaction
Null Sec Access
Materials Purchase program
Mining Fleets
Orca support
SRP Program
Leadership with a plan and experience

What we want-
USTZ-English Speaking
Must have an interest in building an industrial community
Alphas Welcomed
Alts Welcomed
Voice Comms (Teamspeak3)

Motivation and attention to detail are highly valued traits. Complete the below application and contact " Lex" in-game. Membership is invite only

**(Required by Coalition as term of membership)

Join “Ivy Indy Pub” to chat or fill out an app. Real life comes first.

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