New Corp- The Band of Free Pilots, looking for members!

Welcome to the Band of Free Pilots! In short, TBOFP is a small, high-sec corporation that seeks to promote a free and peaceful Republic throughout New Eden. Alpha and Omega pilots alike are encouraged to join!

Quick Facts:

  • TBOFP operates in Gallente high-sec space, but HQ is near low-sec space for more experienced players.
  • TBOFP does not allow friendly fire.
  • TBOFP has a 5% tax to pay for corporation projects. This tax does NOT go to Overseer wallets! It goes right to corporation projects. This tax is considerably lower than faction tax.
  • TBOFP will have a hierarchy system.
  • TBOFP focuses on mission running, mining, manufacturing, and exploration. While we do not encourage PvP conflict, PvE conflict is still allowed.

We hope you consider joining the Band of Free Pilots!

NOTE: Since this corporation is new, most pilots who join may experience the growing pains of a new corp. However, joining a new corporation has its benefits. Those who join now and stick with TBOFP are much more likely to ascend.

-Let me know if you have any questions. :smile:-

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