New deployable suggestion

To help combat botting, we need a deployable that pings the user when someone that is not of your alliance/neutral/negative standing, come into a system.

This would limit the need of zombie toons that just sit in systems to “scout” for incomming hosiles.

PS: I didn’t see a future suggestion category so this is where I stuck it. If a mod wants to move it to the appropriate cat then by all means please do.

you can move it yourself to player feature and ideas.

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How? Im on my cell and don’t see the option. Might have to wait untill I get home to make the move.

edit your topic and you should have the option to move it to another location, even on mobile.

I dont see the section you mentioned but I did move to general. Probably a better spot than pvp mods huh? Lol

A tool that pings the user when a hostile players enters system?

And you want it to combat botting?

I think this would mostly help botting.


I disagree, you won’t need a bot to sit in a system to do the warning. One less bot.

I agree, bots already tuck tail and leave when anything enters the system, or they probably have it set so anyone neutral is in system, and they can set everyone to neutral via overview

True, but it would be a big help for solo ratter/miner to set up “warning” alarms a jump or two out to assist in being able to evac to a safe place before they get tackled.

can i vote for blackout 2 instead?


i’m assuming you are proposing this for nullblock f1 monkeys?

For nullsec yes. Considering the risk/reward is so low out here, this would be a big help.

id rather see blackout get implemented again down there.

“… a deployable that pings the user…”
Oh, like a Cheat Button.

Those aren’t “bot”, those are alts.

Why just NullSec? If you’re not happy with Null then move to Low or High.

How about NO ? How about your idea is tantamount to a Cheat Button?
Why not a button everytime you click it gives you 1 billion isk? That’s called a ‘trainer’. Is that what you want in an online PvP game? A trainer? And just for you, of course :sweat_smile:

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Cheat button you say? Like spamming alt accounts that DO THE SAME THING? Or making a bunch of “alts” to do incursions so you can get a bigger payout? Come on dude…

One of these is not like the other.

1 is a deployable that brings in nothing for CCP
the other is something that generates revenue for CCP because to run multiple alts you have to have OMEGA


Also how carebear does null need to be?


Those are ‘alts’ and they are allowed by CCP.

That’s allowed by CCP since alts are allowed.

First, I’m not a ‘dude’.
Second, “Come on dude…” isn’t an argument.

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You don’t have to omega an alt.

One, dude is unisex, two… this is the internet. Do I really need to explain further? Three, keep it on topic.

The only reason I think you guys are against somethig like this is it invalidates your purchase of 3+ monitors and your own private server to run all of these said alts… so again. I think this would be a good way to combat the botting problem.

That and limit one account per isp…