New deployable suggestion

Slow it down a bit sure, but kill it? I dont think so.

A recommendation:

I assume you know how it is to live in a part of null sec space. Either you kill rats or mine or spend time in your local space for other reasons - which is why you can see why it is good to have more safety.

I challenge you to try a new role: hunting. Either solo or as the front part of a group in the form of a tackle interceptor or covops cyno hunter. It’s a really fun playstyle in my opinion and it also teaches you a lot about how you can rat and mine more safely as you learn what tricks to watch out for.

Once you have some hunting experience, come back to this thread. You might notice some flaws in your suggestion.

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For one group sure, but there are WAY more than 1 group filamenting around null.

Now I’m not saying this thing would be cheep (not 500bill either…) but it would be something to pop and get a KM, like a large bubble for example.

Everyone one in this thread has given ample reason as to why your idea is bad.

I shall again refer back to Mark Twain.
“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

We have argued with you, given you counter arguments as to what is making your argue awful and show ample reasoning. To me, what you are saying/discussing shows you are a nullsec carebear who can’t handle losing your krabbing ship, because you don’t want to use the already ample intel options provided. If you are unable to handle such violence and destruction, I would recommend a more peaceful game such as farmville, or maybe stellaris where you can still fly spaceships and just turtle up.

Been there done that, 2004 toon here, off and on active ofcourse.

It’s my fault for not following Mark’s advice by entertaining your replies. I should go by that saying more often.

Moved to the appropriate section…

Fly safe o7

ISD Bahamut

Thanks mod.

Another thought… use it offensively.

So say you have a system you suspect bots living in. Drop this in system and wait for it to ping. Jump in and boom. Dead botters.

Bad idea. As soon as you jump in the botters will scram.
Your device would only benefit NullKrabs and NullKrabs don’t need more safety, Null doesn’t need safety nets.
The fact that you propose that only for Null shows you to be a NullKrab.
It’s a bad idea all around. Give it up… or don’t, it’s not like CCP will ever do that anyway.

You don’t exist on zkill. Your opinions don’t matter.

:sweat_smile::face_with_hand_over_mouth: smh… Everyone that was in this thread pretty much told you you’re wrong, so I don’t need to exist on zKill to know that you are wrong and that your idea is bad.


So you are trying to say you arent in an Alliance? Pure solo?