New Drone faction : Mimic drone ships, and mimic modules

This new drone faction are a new evolution of rogue drones from the drone lands.

Species characteristics :
This species do not possess hull types of their own.
Their natural state is a spatial phenomenon of vast nanite clouds, instantly forming into a random amount of ship hulls when an intruder appears. These mimic ships will be identical on overview as well as visual observation. They will show up on directional scan as a single vast entity “nanite drone cloud”, or “colossal nanite drone cloud”.

  • They have innate ECM-like effects such as lock breaking (mostly to encourage players to kill them)


  • With an innate ability and instinct to mimic other ships, they form both appearance and exact armament as the opponent. Each additional opponent on the field can spawn additional mimic ships.

  • This means if you fight them in a sole carrier in the system, they will all look like your mirror copy, either armed with subcap weapons, or true carrier weapons exactly same as you.

  • If you show up in a mining exhumer, they will show up in mining exhumers… that break your mining laser locks.


  • Nanite paste, lots of them.

  • Mimic module , allows you to clone the appearance of other ships. Consume specific amount of nanite each time. Amount consumed scale to mass of target ship. Mimicry lasts until you dock.

  • Mimic ship BPC, allow you to produce a variant of mimic ship flown by a capsuleer. These have limited abilities. You can not equip any item. You can only mimic subcapital ships.

Bonus :

Empire space faction variant - Duelists

Named NPC’s flying mimic ships who randomly challenge pilots throughout empire for duels. Always drop BPC’s on defeat.



For fun!
Your opponent brings a knife to a fight, you whip out the same knife.
He brings a gun to the fight, you whip out the same gun.
He brings a fleet of velators, you bring out a fleet of the same.

And it’s an alternative to cloaking.

This would not enhance gameplay (it most certainly is not fun - it is quite lame, in fact), would have no good basis on which to develop lore, and the last thing the game needs right now is more faction pollution than Drifters and Trigs already brought in. At best, an alternative would be to enhance existing factions (possibly drone faction itself) with ultra captivity), rather than introduce a new faction, but even then there are issues with balance, necessity, desirability, etc.

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