Ship mimicking other hull types

CCP please would love to have a mechanic for a ship that can mimic signature/hull type of other ships. For example

Chameleon (or any name)

it can be a one shot hull only maybe a corvette/shuttle type ship which can store multiple signatures to mimic. It can be destroyed upon lock, getting shot at or even object within a certain range (other than stargates) and the stored signatures can expire after some time once they are activated.

It would act kind of like a support to waste a tick or two of enemy locks and would introduce a fun mechanic to the game. It would also act as some level of safety mechanism for a single solo pilot to distract locals albeit for a short time in order to make way for his Alt doing escalation or exploration. Ofcourse since it doesn’t lock a pilot looking at it maybe able to get a hint that it’s a possible mimic.

It can also allow pilot to experience handling of various ships in space maybe with skins for even a shorter amount of time.

In order to get the signature (faster) the pilot can either orbit another friendly ship (ability to store skin also) OR wait for the nanobots to construct one.

Many fun use cases (see below replies)
You can also reply to post if you think of any use case.

As you are on this post:
Please share to your corp and friends and see what they think take a second to reply “CCPlease” to request this as a possible feature incase you think this will add further fun to new Eden. Thank you have a nice day.

the ship named chameleon is existing ! atm i´m not sure but i think its a better gila with a cov ops cloak

so, you want to face a ship on d-scan ? or you wanna fake a ship on grid ?
and if you wanna fake it ongrid then does it look like the faked ship ?

whatelse could this ship do ? and why is this an improvement to eve if we get this ship ?

On Grid as well as on D scan. The stored signature activation can depend on the type of hull it is mimicking for example larger the ships the shorter the amount of time it will mimic that hull type.

can you bring an example where it could be useful to use a mimic and not the real version and have tank, dps and utility as the ship you mimic ?

Would the mimic ability broken for everyone as soon as the ship is locked by anyone or could only those who have locked it see through the mimic?

So many

1- you can use it as a cheap way to experience a larger hull in space without spending many isk. (See how slow are larger hulls, how their model looks compared to other things around you)
2- Way to experience skins that have mechanic associated with warp/acceleration etc.
3- Showing up as an expensive hull even for a few seconds on d scan making locals scramble.
4- Making people think twice about real hulls. Or even not engaging them thinking it is fake all to realize after a brief moment that they missed it.
5- Fleet crapping in pants seeing a titan on grid even for a few brief seconds.
6- Real hulls will get a chance for more engagement.

Many more….


Seems like a good idea but the way it gets implemented is important. I for one think it should be a module. And if you fit it maybe you are locked to that signature. So you can fit “BS” signature, and you will apear as that type of BS to others on dscan. And then of course a new module that improves dscan so it is immune to spoofing. Also why doesent using dscan cost cap? it should drain some cap every time?

Also im just brain storming dont mind me pls. Have a nice day.

At first glance I can’t see anything to reject the idea… but in the end I don’t see anything that would agree with you either.
To me it looks like a fun feature like the festival launcher that has no real use

Yes everyone’s ideas are welcome. In New Eden we have stealth but we don’t have mimicry which Eve story should allow. Even in real life militaries are using fake tanks and balloons filled with shredded aluminum foils to confuse radars. This aspect should also have a corner in Eve universe besides it will add a fun element. Have a nice day.

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Even in real life militaries are using fake tanks

Like these
fake tanks

pls dont come up with real life compares … -.- eve is an online G A M E ! and not your real life !
and if you want to have your comparison then still no big thing like an aircraft carrier are faked !
just tanks wich are easy to fake because they are small

Again every idea is welcome. it could be a giant hologram tech in Eve as we already have those billboards and screens in space station. Anyways would just be fun and another mechanic to play around with.

The advantage will probably wear off quickly as players who base in certain systems get a feel for what signatures are spoofs and which ones arent. But, implementation is key because if done wrong it can become an annoyance rather than an enhancement. but i guess that goes without saying? im out. have a good day all.

That needs to be seen it’s a mechanic and not every system is certain.

I see the niche you are trying to fill with this kind of ship but I dont see it being so useful that its worth using versus a ship that has a direct role beyond just existing on d-scan. Its not like there arent a dozen tricks to make local scramble already

Here is my implementation

Reactive Camo I
Highslot / 40 CPU / 1 PG
Cloaking I required
Consumes 5 cap per second while active
May be activated during gatecloak
Ammunition type: Blueprint Original

Reactive Camo is a precision-engineered SKIN layer of tunable nanoreflectors.

Activating the module has no effect when the module is unloaded, when it’s loaded with a ship blueprint copy, or when it’s loaded with a non-ship blueprint original.

When loaded with a ship blueprint original and active, the nanoreflectors cause all incoming active scan returns to mimic the blueprint. The ship will appear as the mimicked type on other pilots’ Directional Scanner, Probe Scanner, and Overview.

Visible light wavelengths are unaffected; camera views from nearby pilots will still show the actual hull.

Signature radius is unaffected.

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Be cautious with that attitude. EVE is a commercial product and not some altruistic vision that should give everyone what he wants. Every change or mechanic has a cost attached to it, at least development time which means man-hours that you need to pay the guys that do the actual work. Thats money and time you can’t spend otherwise and after all you simply have to filter which ideas are really worth it and are improving EVE as a product (after considering most of the possible side-effects of such an idea on other parts of the game).

For the idea of mimicry ships I am rather split… yeah could be funny, yeah could have some usecases. But would it benefit the game? It could also lead to people bating a lot by pretending to be a very weak ship and then obliterating others who looked for a fight. This again could lead to people flying even more risk-averse, only warping in at long range to lock their target first to not fall for such a bait. But this again would lead to less fights, because all those who don’t bait can simply warp off.
I personally think that the range-limited DScan and the mechanics around scan-probes, the ability to fit cloaks, the ability of some ships to warp cloaked and some to be invisible on DScan already allows for a very complex ecosystem of being able to scout and being able to hide. The real benefit of such a mimicry mechanic is not that clear to me, besides “fun for some players”, which is - in my book - not enoug reason to make the investment of implementation.

That is nice work. Imo the name is not sci-fi enough for EVE imo, camo is not sci fi?

Having to use BPs is cool. But it would get expensive fast i think. Even if its BPCs. Maybe a new research job could be introduced that could make Blueprint Signatures. They would be made off of a BPO but cheaper than BPCs but can only be used in Adapative Signature Bursts :slight_smile:

It could be interesting with a module that could also launch Adaptive Signature Beacons. Then you could plant fake signatures around the system that lasted for a little while. You know create a haystack and hide like a needle.

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