The scan expansion you will never get. For better or worse

New modules
Adaptive Signature Burst (ASB), Adaptive Signature Launcher (ASL), Name pending (NP)

New Item
Signature Beacon (SB)

New research job
Signature Scripts

Directional scan changes
It will cost some capacitor to perform a directional scan. The cost is based on range of scan and angle. NP can be used to lower the amount of cap each scan requires.

Scan probe changes
Using scan probes to pin point player signatures will become simpler but the ASB will allow players to make themselves seem like something they are not and the ASL can be used to launch temporary beacons that emit specific ship signatures around the place.

The ASB will cost a trivial amount of cap to run and it requires a Signature Script which can be made from BPOs as well as reverse engineered from repacked ships. No items are lost in the process and the scripts are reusable.

The ASL will launch SB’s from your ship inventory with the Signature Script that it currently has loaded. They will emit the specific signature from that specific location for some time. That is all.

This is a brain storm and it would require professional development to become fully fledged out not only so that it becomes fun/useful and not annoying, but also in a way that makes it simple to implement. Have a nice day.

Inspired by Ship mimicking other hull types

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Going to the doctor to see if I hit my head falling down the stairs or something, it looks like Wesfahrn actually made some good suggestions


its not his idea… he stole it from another thread

He cited his source like a good academic scholar. :nerd_face:

I completely disagree with the proposed D-Scan changes.
One of the best things about the current d-scan mechanics is that it’s the same for everyone. Doesn’t matter if your in a Titan or a Pod, if you’re a 20 year veteran or a day old newbro, d-scan works the same. It’s your player knowledge of how to use your d-scan that matters.
Under your proposal, those of us with capacitor skills trained up would have an advantage. So that’s a big: NO! from me.

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