New drone utility modules

With the drone hate of the NPCs increasing in about every second update, I thought maybe it’s time to give drone pilots a few utility options to help them lose their primary weapons slower. Most drone boats have room for an utility high-slot module, but having a remote repair module does little during combat if the drones die before they could get help. That’s why I would like to introduce these new AoE modules. The general characteristics of these modules (CPU, PG, power consumption) would be similar to remote armor repair modules of the same size.
These are variations of the idea, I’m not suggesting to have all of them.

Drone Tether
While active, it would repair drones, starting with the most damaged. If multiple drones are damaged, the repair capacity is split between them evenly. The range and repair amount should both increase with the size of the module, but it’s a generally close range effect, with about 10 km maximum for the large version.

Repair Burst
This version would use nanite paste, have longer range and faster cycle speed than the tether, but no auto-repeat. Upon activation, the nanite paste is distributed evenly between the friendly drones in range, repairing both structure, armor and shield. As the size of the module increases, so does the range and the paste capacity, increasing the potential total repair amount. The even distribution however makes this module quite wasteful, unless multiple damaged drones are in range at the same time.

Internal Repair Unit
Repairs drones inside the drone bay. The repair pattern could be the same as the tether, but you need to have your drones return first. Ancillary version could also exist.

Also, can we please have a much faster lock on our own drones? Even if I fit a remote armor repair module, my drone gets destroyed twice before I could lock on it to help. We are in control of those things, there is no reason to not have a ping-like locking system that allows near instant targeting.


Um, you might want to look up a post about reducing drone agro. I’ve made several. And I’m sure others have as well.

And, not for nothing, but I’ve also saved many a drone with remote reps. Maybe increasing drone durability, drone navigation, and signature analysis might help. And, of course, paying attention helps immensely.

Of course, I have seen some content (i.e. certain live events) that chews through drones at an insane rate. But that still doesn’t mean that I think drones need new mods. I mean, when a tool doesn’t work for a particular job, I consider it a matter of finding the right tool, and not that tools need to be changed so that they all work just as well.

Anyway, not really digging this idea. Seems like it’s purpose built to cater to low-attention/afk isk grinding. Not sure how it would affect botting, but it might benefit them as well.

If NPC’s hate drones they do it for a reason…
AFAIK that reason is passive (even AFK) gameplay.
So your module should not allow to be more passive. And should not be better than using remote reps.

Possible restrictions:

  1. Range. 5km or less (return and orbit distance + some margin)
    a. Maybe even restrict to “in drone bay”
  2. Capacitor usage. Prohibitive to run constantly. Less efficient than using remote reps.
    a. Repair type. In combat you want to repair only one layer of defenses. Repairing all 3 will meet theme of module and allow to reduce effectiveness even more
  3. Repeat restriction. Some kind of charges may work
  4. Long cycle. When timing is important.

Also I suggest to limit number of new modules to 1.

Also I want suggest to add one new rig (not module). Drone bay extender.
Increases size of drone bay but gives CPU penalty

Size T1 Bonus T2 Bonus
Small 10 15
Medium 20 30
Large 50 75
Capital Do not exist

As much as I remember, it’s the Gila.
Up until a few years ago, the Gila was the perfect ship for all kinds of PvE. Effectively a missile cruiser with two support frigates, that is able to deal any kind of damage to any size of target without refitting. And since PvE doesn’t necessarily need e-war modules, you could also put a quite brutal shield tank on it. It was the most popular ship for the events, and objectively, I admit that it was OP.
So in order to nerf it, the agression against drones has been increased significantly, somewhat decreasing the Gila’s effectiveness, while every other drone ship without the insane HP bonus to the drones has been hit quite hard. And event NPCs are even worse. Drone ships are often not a viable option at all.

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Drones are broken in pve

Ccp increases agro to compensate

Hey can we ignore that nerf and brake pvp balance at the same time? I’m really bad at managing drones and don’t want to learn how. K thx

Also VNI. Fastest (by SkillPoints) ships to bot in nullsec anoms.
Abyss Gila? Abysses are younger than NPC war against drones.

ehhhh… I feel so old…
Good fat days in N5Y. I miss them. Newer used Gila for serious crabbing but sold a lot of them.
I’m at least co-author of Jam-Worm Burner teams and passive-Gila Ashimmu base methods.

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