Drone module Highslot

Drone repair / landing bay module for high slot, contains space for one drone can return and repair, also adds drone damage.

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A repair module that works on drones is known as a remote ___ repair unit. Armor and Structure are usually the only ones you’d need.

No. Every drone based ship in the game would need to have it’s drone bay reduced to balance this.

That would be a drone upgrade that already exists in the game as well.


Alternatively you can also use one or preferably several (up to four) armor and/or hull repair drones (preferably light to conserve drone bay size) to repair one of your drones, though this will reduce your combat drone compliment so using a remote rep module might still be (much) more tempting.

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I like the idea of a Drone Repair Bay. It has to be activated (of course), and repairs the hull and armor of any damaged drones. High slot so it competes with other utility real estate. Small, medium and large sizes. Fitting would be on par with NOS or neuts.

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Pfft no.

Not gonna get extra drones. Not gonna get a high slot damage mod.

You may get one that repairs drones/fighters.

We already have remote reps.

We do. But something that slowly auto repairs drones/fighters one at a time (or more mods allows more reps at once) when they are in the bay may be nice.

Wouldn’t something that activates inside the ship be more suited to a low slot then?


By the lore of what slots are supposed to be, something that repairs drones in the bay should be a low slot item.

But they never followed that lore themselves from the beginning, or Ewar modules and such would all be high since they project out from the ship.

I vote no for a module but a deployable remote repair depot or something like the opposite of an automata suppressor which takes a minute to deploy and has 1-5km range.

I’ve thought the same thing. Maybe giving the existing Mobile Depots a repair ray similar to the Citadels. You sit (very) nearby for long enough, without any kind of Flags or timers, and it will use a very low power repair beam on you, your modules, and your drones. Nowhere near as powerful as the Citadels, but more like a Small remote repper.

I was thinking along those line but a little different. What I had in mind was similar to yours with the repair beam but in order to work, the drones would have to be in space orbiting the repair unit, so they are still at risk and the more drones are orbiting, the less powerful the repair beam becomes and only your own drones could orbit it with a maximum of 5 and the repair tether thing being at the weakest and with one drone the strongest or quickest.

Meh, at that point I agree with the others. Carry a wing of Repair Drones. Then you send out 4 Repairs and 1 wounded Combat, and tell them to fix their friend. Or send out 3 Repairs and 2 wounded, and tell them to fix each other (but it’ll take longer b/c there’s more wounded and less fixing).

I think the Citadel repair mechanics are already in place. And giving the Mobile Depot another purpose besides just being a Refit beacon would do it some good.

Oh well, one of the reasons my Dominix has 2x remote armor reps on.

Well i think it is weird that a drone can return to a battleship size ship and not be able to repair it internally which is what a repair bay in the high would do.


would have to be super slow so you don’t just redock you drones for repairs in combat and never running out of them at that point i don’t see it as super useful with citadel spreading in eve like malign tumor you are in rep range a short warp away.

Drones fixing drones is an option and ship like new triglavian BS can rep say geckos on their return command and be done with it before drones dock.

I will admit, I wouldn’t be adverse to someone saying “next patch, they’re making it so your fitted Armor and Hull reppers will also mend your docked drones.” Or if they said that we could Right Click the drone bay and start burning Nanite Paste in order to do the same thing. I mean, both are examples of vigorously applying Nanites to every inch of your ship in order to patch it up. Why couldn’t some of those Nanites work their way into the drone bay and fix them up too?

But… I also don’t mind the current state of affairs. Remote reps are easy enough to fit, especially on the larger ships b/c you probably don’t have a practical use for those extra Highs. And even if your fit is perfectly balanced as is, you could probably find a way to free up 5m3 in the drone bay for a single Small Armor Drone who you can dispatch to run around and play Medic.

I like the idea of a ship-intern drone repair unit.

It’s not a remote repair unit, which means it wouldn’t repair drones during combat. Nor is it a rep drone, where one has to lock on first and apply armor and hull repair drones in space.

It doesn’t seem to break any existing mechanics either.


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