Drone repair

so I know I can repair tethered or docked or even remote repair armor/hull in space for all my drones. is there anyway we could get a mod to repair drones in the drone bay so as I swap them out in combat I can get them repair if a sub system or rig or even a high slot mod I wouldn’t even mind if it needed like scrape metal or something to use like per 100 hp or something just throwing some ideas out there heck for even if it just for a few ships maybe a new class of battle ship or something would be cool

Ditch the mod, allow hull, shield and armour repair drones to engage and function in bay.

Allowing the use of logi drones on your own ship actually isn’t a bad idea. They don’t rep that much, so I don’t think it would be OP, considering the trade-off of not using DPS drones, and that they can be easily killed.

You are right, allowing logi drones to function in the done bay gives them too much protection. They need to be target-able when in operation.Although, drone control; targeting and actuation is attention intensive and not something that can be done comfortably in a combat scenario.
I just wish that drones gained the benefit of the control ships shields when they are returned to orbit.

As you said, you can already repair your own drones in space using a remote repair module. I’ve done it before and it works fine.

I don’t see why we need to be able to repair the drones in our drone bay as well, we have large drone bays just because we need spare drones in case our other drones get damaged and the ship gets defanged of drones. And if a ship loses too many drones, just like if a ship runs out of ammo, they will have to warp off or die. And that’s good.

Because if people can repair their own drones in the bay, it would be near impossible to defang a drone ship in PvP as they could just recall their drones any time they are hurt, send out a fresh group of drones while repairing the other set. An endless amount of fresh drones, it sounds like a nice feature but is not really balanced.

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but you realize that shield drones do exactly that and there’s no module needed for them. You just pull them back in and they regen shields.

I find it very much imbalanced towards caldari drones that way.

I would also say it would be nice to get say a lowslot passive module and/or a midslot active module that deal with drone repair, as long as the drones are docked.

How about a deployable similar to a mobile tractor unit that gives you a repair tether?

Make it so the mobile unit can only repair one target at a time, each target can only be tethered to one mobile unit at a time, and the target of the mobile unit is limited to the possessions of the owner of the unit.

lmao unlimited tank for vexor Brutix Dominix

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