Logistic drones repair other drones while in bay

Pretty self-explanatory. The effect would be as if you had all drones in space and repaired damaged ones with your logistic drones one by one.
Not only this would be logical (why can’t drones repair each other while they’re in the same bay?), I think it would make for some interesting strategic decisions, especially for ships that have a dronebay that’s disproportionally large compared to their bandwidth (SoE, Guristas, Ishtar, Vexor Navy Issue, to name a few) in both PvE and PvP, namely, “do I bring a lot of spare drones to replace destroyed ones, or do I bring a lot of logistic drones to recall and quickly repair damaged ones?”

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On one hand, I like the idea.

On the other, I’m not sure this should automatically happen inside the drone bay.

Logi drones repairing other drones is possible in space but takes a little effort and can be countered by other ships by attacking the drones. If this happens inside the ship, there is nothing an enemy pilot can do to stop you from repairing your drones. And I don’t think that’s good for the game.

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Well, of course the enemy pilot can’t shoot your drones while they’re in your bay, but the drones themselves can’t shoot anything from the bay, can they? :sweat_smile:
Also the tactic of recalling and repairing drones would have a clear disadvantage over the “bring spares and replace destroyed” tactic: you need to wait twice as much to bring new drones into battle (because you need to recall and deploy, not just deploy). Also it would require twice as much attention to drones and reasonable skills to not recall damaged drones too early or too late, in order to not lose DPS and not get them destroyed, respectively

I don’t think you’d use this in combat. In which case, it would be more of a QoL thing than a game balance thing. But I dunno.

You’re right, I thought of this as mostly a QoL feature, though some tactical application might also take place (does not sound like it would be OP in PvP, in any case).
Now that I think of it, it would also even out shield and armor drones somewhat: shield recharges by itself, while armor does not

Drones are ammo, expendable. If we get option to repair drones in perfect safety. I want ability to make my own ammo inside ship, in space.

That’s an interesting logic. Would you say the same about Augmented drones that cost tens of millions? Maybe “ships are ammo” as well?
Besides, as I said above, shield drones already repair themselves in the bay fairly fast


Item is worth as much as you are willing to pay for it. I have no idea how price is related.

same (afik) any shields in game. Nothing unique.

Then I can’t see what’s your problem with repairing drones “in perfect safety” is besides an ideological concern with a slippery slope. I don’t see how it would impact PvP negatively and would be glad if you (or anyone) provided a concrete example.
Also, do you, by any chance, also think that Citadels are OP and no one should be able to repair their ship “in perfect safety”?

Drones are OP as is. Maybe not in PvP but EVE is not only about PvP. Drones and t1 crystals are probably only offensive “module” that don’t have cost of using it. There is no need in making drones better, cost free krabing tool just because you are lazy. Afik all logi modules work on drones, so you already have option to repair drones on field for free.

This… Makes sense, actually. And you’re right, I’m just lazy :stuck_out_tongue:
Still I think it would be a nice QoL feature, just from my subjective viewpoint

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