Potential Additional Drone Bay

Hi there, i was wondering, is it possible for us to gain an seperate bay that can be used in space where we can put damaged drones in that would be seperated from the rest of the stockpile so we don’t accidentally deploy them and then losing valuable and expensive drones such as t2’s? Currently its irritating when the damaged ones deploy alongside the rest and then you first got to withdraw them from space, would be easier if they were placed in their own bay and not waste time, especially in battle

That’s what drone folders are for…

You do realize they don’t work right? i’ve already tried that otherwise i wouldn’t be making this post

So scoop the damaged ones to your cargohold. That will take them out of play and you won’t accidentally deploy them.

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you can also manually deploy individual drones

Make drone folders:

  1. Fighting drones ← rightclick, mark as favourite for launching
  2. Damaged drones
  3. EWAR drones and or logi drones etc.

Now whenever you press your button to launch drones you get Fighting drones in space. When some of those drones lose health, recall them and move them to the second folder. Now whenever you press your button to launch drones, your favourite group of drones will be launched, which means no drones that are missing health.

Problem solved?

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Except they do work… what are you talking about?

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I don’t think this is something you’ll likely see - it’s too niche and there are plenty of ways to make sure you don’t deploy a damaged drone, as noted.

Nanites to repair drones when?

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