Drone Repair Unit

High slot.

Repairs the drones in your bay.

Job done.

CCPlease? :slight_smile:

There are already Remote Shield, Armor, and Hull repairers in the game. NEXT!

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We already have this. They’re called remote hull/armor repair and remote shield transfer units.

Also: you don’t want this. Trust me.

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I wouldn’t make it a separate module… I would just make it part of the effect from running a fitted Armor or Shield repper.

Look at the behavior of Citadel healing rays. They mend your ship, as well as the drones in your bay. The repair effect helps your ship and your drones. So why not just have some percentage of your local reps also apply to stored drones. It won’t help the ones out there flying around, but it’ll slowly help patch them up when you recall them.

Technically they should be repair-able in bay, but take some time and consume nanite paste to do so as any other damaged weapon/module.

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Something like this should consume resources like capacitor or nanite paste (or siphon reps from your local reps)

Or it’s going to suck donkey nuts trying to de-fang drone ships that can just keep swapping and repping wings of drones indefinitely.

Fun to think about (not necessarily advocating it): a high slot active module that repairs the hull, armor, and shield of drones but only affects drones and nothing else (ie. you can’t tri-heal other players, etc)

As a role bonus for drone specific ships? It’s not a terrible idea.
What I really want is drone support units.
Make drones great again.

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