Self repair with drones

If a drone can repair/attack/neut/damp another ship, it should be able to do that to it’s mothership. I shouldn’t need a friend to repair me if I have remote repair drones in my drone bay.


100% Agree.

To achieve this I hope they make it possible to target yourself. Just imagine all the friendly fire accidents this could lead to. :wink:

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It’s too overpowered.

It’s cap free local tank and because you can instantly pull drones that are near you it is risk free too.

Working with others is deliberately more powerful.

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Passive shield is cap free local tank.

Your argument has been destroyed.

If passive shield tank was comparable to drones repairing their own ship then he wouldn’t need drones to repair his own ship, he could just passive shield tank.

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That’s not what he said.

Could you be more specific.

This is an alright idea for me, if you wasted your drone damage bonus repairing yourself, you’d have nothing to attack back with but with fitted turrets.

Logistic ships say hi.

If I want to waste some potential DPS by filling my drone bay with remote repair drones, shouldn’t that be an option? If I’m solo filamenting into player owned null, then my only options of repairing myself is to bring a mobile depot (or many if I want to move around) and lug around all the repair module types (bar shield if I want to wait for the recharge).