Self repair with drones

So would making remote repair modules work on yourself. Doesn’t make it a good idea.

Shrug. If you can figure out how to make sense out of your turrets shooting your own ship, then I suppose self repairing with an rr module could make sense too.

Not sure about turrets but could easily see being done with missiles they just have to be programmed to go in a circle. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Well if your ship is moving they might have to lock on your ship and attack it but for missiles that should be doable.

A bit more tricky with lasers but with the creative use of a cosmetic mirror that should also be possible. :wink:

Not sure about projectiles, hybrids and the triglavian beam weapons. The edencom weapons just need proper adjusting though maybe have to bounce to something then back to the ship.

Solving one of the better counter points just give a redock timers to drones that target "mothership"this means they can be destroyed more readily this would deal with part of the issue. I do honestly think it makes sense in universe that drones should be able to target the ship that launched them. But i can understand delays in targeting and redocking being a thing that even in universe would make sense as there would be safty protocals for your ship targeting itself that would require deactivation

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