Repair drone to be able repair it's owner

Full range of possibilities for drones.


Sure. Also allow your own attack drones to target you so you can get in on your own killmail…


Why not?

Great alternative to self destruct.

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I hope they don’t do this. Logi boats like the onerios and scimi would get a capless large repper. A lot harder to smart bomb or shoot at 50+ km and can instantly recall…

Just no.

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Nothing bad about this. Why these wonderful expensive and long-to-learn ships should not have some nice feature. It’s not worse than assaults now having invulnerability module.

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Wonderful, expensive and long to learn are not reasons to make bad changes.

Neither are comparisons to the assault damage control. One has nothing to do with the other.


If you want a killmail of yourself being the killer, fly a stealth bomber and have MWD on while launching the bomb, flying into the bomb explosion.
I also remeber you could get such killmails by failing a hack in Ghost Sites, killing yourself by the container explosion, but I don’t know if it is still the case.

The OP is a bad idea, I agree.


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yeah and you should be able to target yourself with Remote reps, sebos, and tracking computers.

because balance

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Provided you didnt have an active weapon timer, combat timer (red or yellow), or duel timer going, I could see logi drones repping the host ship. Get shot or shot something? Drones stop repping you.

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that’s just dumb why can drones rep other ppl with timers but not the host ship? needless special exceptions are bad game design


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