New Duchy Established

On YC123.03.27, The Khanid Kingdom ratified the petition to allow the renewed investiture of the Duchy of Fekhoya under the rule of Duchess Ithiria Deritan. Duchess Deritan was thought lost for several years and has experienced a meteoric return, collecting and consolidating assets old and new. Duchess Deritan pledges to bring stability and prosperity to the region.

In other news, Blood raider attacks are on the rise and duchy forces have been scrambled to address the growing threat. Several Minor victories have been noted by the authorities and loses appear to have been minimal, but specific details are still classified.

Divinity Social, the Social Media Hub continues to struggle under new management as membership and usage decreases. CEO Yvane Duvaul, fiancé to the Duchess, has commented that plans are underway to renew advertising efforts and that they are recruiting for support positions within the network and its subsidiaries.

This is Gavin Salihvir, Fekhoya News Network, signing off.


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