New Eden Mining [!Get paid 45mil per hour!] [open to all mining fleet] [Make ISK!]

Then you get 15M per hour

This interests me. I usually do low sec mining butni can bring my hulk. Do you have an ORCA or do you want me to bring one?

the question is, is he still doing it?

I am!

Have orca and boost just need barges

Today yes at 20:00

I’ll be there in my venture. how long are these normally?

so in two hours?

yes in about 40mins from now

how long do these go for

And, for the other six days of the week… check out the Hek Mining Association.

couple hours up to 4 hours

Still going strong every Saturday 20:00 EVE Time!

Last saturdays Fleet

Did everyone have their mining permits?

Canceled for today sorry. Internet outage :frowning:

19:00 tomorrow (saturday) mining going down again!

I am new and only have a venture, may I join the mining fleet?

And my timezone is GMT+8, which it is 3am when the activity start. It is a bit hard for me to join.

Yes you can! 20mil per venture!

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