New Eden Newsroom - Episode 1 w/ Killah Bee & Naz al-Ghul



New Eden Report is creating a new podcast with an emphasis on:

  • Eve Online politics and conflicts
  • A shorter format than most Eve shows/podcasts - less than an hour
  • A smaller, more focused, group of hosts and guests - no more than four people for each episode
  • Interviewing players from each side of the cluster

Here is the first episode with guests Naz al-Ghul, Imperium Supreme Inquisitor/Goon propagandist, and Killah Bee, Northern Coalition fleet commander. Hosting is Curt Adrano and Marsha Mallow.


2:26 - Southern News Roundup Begins
5:12 - Northern News Roundup Begins
7:05 - Killah Bee discusses the reinforced Aunenen Keepstar
12:47 - Interview with Killah Bee begins
13:42 - Naz al-Ghul to Killah Bee “Think of yourself as the Paris Hilton of Eve Online”, “You’ve got a pretty hot personality”
16:03 - Killah on joining PL
17:56 - Killah on leaving PL, “I had trouble with the course PL was taking”
24:05 - Killah Bee on propaganda, and campaign fleet commander relations across power blocs.
25:46 - Naz al-Ghul on how players treat each other “We should be civil… don’t take the partisan stuff too seriously”
28:17 - Interview with Naz al-Ghul begins. The guests edit the podcast outline Google Doc while Curt tries to read from it.
31:56 - Naz al-Ghul on the Minitru resurgence.
33:12 - Killah Bee on NCdot’s propaganda or lack thereof.
37:31 - Killah Bee on Reddit presence.
39:44 - Naz al-Ghul on allying with Test “We have that, what they call, weaponized autism on our side”
43:55 - Naz al-Ghul on NER’s existence “People do want to break from their alliance spin” “Eve News24 kinda failed”
44:48 - Naz al-Ghul on INN “I will have to say, Imperium News is pretty ■■■■■■■ great”. Curt reacts poorly.
47:06 - Killah Bee on the alliance tournament “I personally think the AT is one of the most boring things about Eve Online that there is”
49:23 - Killah Bee leaves “Guys I gotta go… WOW expansion in five minutes”

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Fully agreed on that. I heard most people brought a variation of Leshaks and Bhaalgorns this year. Very original. In order to salvage what’s left of the reputation of this thing, next year CCP hopefully does a new version of the Amarr Championships because that tournament was more fun and enjoyable to watch.

Great new show thx for the work

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