New Eden's Polite, Positive and Respecful Alliance is recruiting : Sorry in Advance!

Sorry in Advance!

Yes, we are! Ever dreamed of being with the big brown beaver? Here is your chance! We provide you with a warm and cozy place to be with friends. All that in a fun environment.

We like to play Sov football (it’s like hockey, but without ice and sticks) with some other northern friends. We’re having a lot of fun :slight_smile:

We do are a little special thought : we enforce positivity, politeness and respect. Some find it weird at first, but they quickly discover new vocabulary word to express themselves. We basically eat Smurf and turn them in beavers or something else.

Come and join!

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How cool is that!

We’re taking a bunch of system’s sov in the next few days and we need haulers, ratters, miners and, as always, PvPers!

Get in touch with me or @Dame_DuNord if interested

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