Sorry in Advance is recruiting : We're looking of War Beavers!

STOP SCROLLING! And take a look at these beavers! It’s FREE!

Take your career or your corporation into Sorry in Advance and enjoy the Merriest beavers of New Eden! Our dam is well establish in Null sec (Sov) as a RMC Coalition member.

Now just imagine yourself and your friends in this wet and cozy place full of pleasure that is Sorry in advance. Isn’t it wonderful? Oh yes, it is!

Weird enough, most of our beavers have two tongues (oh yeah! Bilingual!). All official or important statements are made using them both. When interacting within themselves, beavers use the tongue that procure the most pleasure to the other beavers!

We are currently looking for War Beavers (PvP Corporations and Pilots), as we got a lot of content! You and/or your corporation are also welcomed to get in touch with us if you want to learn or improve your PvP Skill or FC’s skills.

You and your friends need to be a little special though. Our beavers enforce the following values in their community:
• Respect.
• Positivity.
• Politeness.
• Real life first (beaver land can be addictive).

Exciting! Come and join us!

We invite you to look at those links for more information about us.

Or to come directly to our discord and have a Chat!

Au revoir o7


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