Sorry to take place on this forum, but we're Sorry in Advance and we're politely invading NS! RAEUX!

Sorry to disturb this forum posting!

Just here to let you know that Sorry in Advance is now recruiting new corporations to politely and respectfully invade Nullsec.

We are looking for corporations that follow our values :

  1. Respect - including self-respect
  2. Real life first
  3. Good mood (friendly environment)

Here are some good to have in the candidate corporation :

  1. Saying : Eh! at sentences’s ends
  2. Liking or loving maple syrup
  3. Being overly polite
  4. Being cool

Contact me for application!

They are awesome! Ideally like to fly with them. We laughing so much!

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Sorry to comment, but I can confirm that SORRY are awesome.

What’s this thread aboot, eh?

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