Sorry in Advance is recruiting : We're Sorry :D!

I’m SORRY and you could be too!

To get the chance and privilege of saying to all that you’re Sorry, all around and having fun with us :wink:

We are a NS Alliance doing NRDS in GW and MH.

The Alliance is based on respect (including self-respect) and we are looking for like-minded corporations and individuals. We also are real life 1st and put an emphasis on having a good mood in a friendly environment.

We are currently looking to expand our footprint in NS and need some more people to do it!

We offer :

  • Moon mining

  • Roamings

  • Gate camp

  • NS NPC Space development

  • SRP

  • Newbro/Newsist friendly

  • We encourage people to come and talk on vocal and are looking for fun and pleasant human interaction.

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