New Eve Online Show with a Canadian flavor : The Beaver Show!

Who doesn’t like beavers!?

I mean, we really do! That with mapple syrup, Timmies, bagged milk, snow, hockey and Eve Online!

For now, our show has a few sections to please different style of Eve Players

  1. News : Game/CCP wise and in-game wise, such as politic and else
  2. Subvention obligations : You’ll meet our strange sponsor there…
  3. Kill of the week
  4. Pro trick of the week
  5. Lore
  6. Ship of the week

The is live on twitch every Tuesday night at 20h15 EST on Twitch and also on youtube by the end of the week.

We currently are looking for correspondent/informan from the different fronts of the wars. Might they be in Null Sec, Factionnal warfare, Low Sec, Wormholes …

The more info we got, the less spinning we’ll do. Reddit is fun to get some of the info, but it’s not a realable source of information. Well, not alway. Still, it’s fun.

Here’s our premiere : Beaver Show (English version) : January 17th 2023 - YouTube

Please use the comment section of the video for any trick or ways we can make it better.

Sorry in Advance by the way :smiley:

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This week’s episode of the Beaver Show is now out on Youtube!


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