New Eve Online Show : Canuk Capsuleers Chronicles!

Hey there, fellow space adventurers!

It’s that time again - the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles (formerly known as the Beaver Show) is back with a stellar lineup this week :

  1. Rebranding of the channel

  2. The Jovians are back!

  3. CSM18

  4. Big battle happening during the recording

  5. Pro’s trick : Soldier of fortune

But that’s not all! This weekend, we’ve got a lineup of thrilling CSM18 interviews ready to roll. Stay tuned for exclusive insights and discussions.

Get ready for a space journey like never before. Don’t forget to hit that ‘Subscribe’ button and join us for all the interstellar action.

See you out there, Capsuleers!


On the CCC this week : Time to vote : Now! GO GO GO!

This week on the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles, we’re talking about the CSM 18 election. Time is running out, so make your vote count and show your support for the candidates! We’ll speak briefly on tuesday’s patch and on the Caldari Union Day. Finally, the Fanfest schedule is out and looks exciting!

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Thank you CCP! : on the CCC this week (Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles)

Less than a week before Fanfest!!!

Also, this week’s topics:

  • CCP talks aboot us 2:45

  • CCP 's survey and wierd question 6:31

  • Women in games 8:49

  • Patch of the day : 13:13

  • Pro trick, Excel : Are you making profit? : 16:32

  • Kill of the week : 24:28

Enjoy, like and subscribe!

Actually, thanks a lot for all the support that we get from you all. It’s greatly appreciated!

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Fanfest is now and the Future is full of Pirates! CCC this week!

On the CCC (Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles) this week

  • We get into this patch and speculate! :smiley:

  • Talk about those new ships

  • What’s that new system?

  • New Caldari/Minmatar pirate faction?

  • Pirate enlistment?

  • A point about how awesome YOU are :slight_smile:

  • Fanfest

We did the timestamps in the description of the video so you can jump right into the chosen content.

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Fanfest in Brief : the CCC this week

You want to get the essentials of the fanfest? The description of the video gives you the time stamps to jump right on the content you desire :wink:


For those less in the hurry, woah! This next expansion + the FPS looks sick!

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On the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles this week :

  1. Sorry is not only doing WH anymore : 2:13

  2. Crimson Harvest and the Patch of the day : 4:22

  3. New Board game : 8:47

  4. Colouring contest : 10:19

  5. Knitting club : 12:34

  6. Recorded fights? PC Gamer : 15:00

  7. How to make :heart: : 16:17

  8. Don’t miss the next TIS Show next sunday! 17:07

  9. Pro’s trick (Excel) 19:15


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Sorry RL : I’m playing Eve! (CCC this week ! )

On the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles this week :

  • Update on Sorry’s activites 1:47
  • Skins for Women in Games with Mike Azariah 4:32
  • Back on the CCP’s interview on TIS 6:15
  • Upcomming Eve Meets in RL 7:44
  • Dame will be starting a podcast of her own : 11:24
  • For those thinking about joining us 16:03
  • Patches 25:30

Zkill is in Intensive Care : CCC this week

Hey Canucks and Friends!

This week, aside from sound improvement, news tickets at the bottom of the stream, we also got some content :stuck_out_tongue:

  • 1:32 How is our Sound?

  • 1 week before Halloween!

  • 4:06 Zkill is down!!!

  • 6:54 Our pirates friends

  • 22:34 GM week

  • 25:12 Another survey (2500 PLEX?)

  • 27:15 Dame’s Podcast next week!



Update yourself! : CCC this week

In the CCC this week (Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles) we got :

  1. Pirate Titan and Battle-cruisers

  2. New info on the upcoming Pirate extension

  3. Bye bye Windows 7 and 8

  4. Bye bye Old Launcher

  5. Dame’s Podcast is now out!

  6. Kill of the week


Less than a Week now!

Hey there!

In the CCC this week :

  1. Women in games
  2. Expansion next week
  3. UI color changes + revamp of the Esc menu
  4. Ban on LF and Evermarks trade
  5. Winter Nexus
  6. Brave going to the Imperium
  7. Down the Rabbit Hole
  8. Dame’s Podcast
  9. Eve Moncton 2024 : The date is out!
  10. Eve Toronto’s Montly meet up

Dame’s Podcast this week : The Amarr :


Havoc : Piracy is in good shape in Eve Online!

In the CCC this week

  • Thanks for the 300+ Subscribers!
  • Havoc is happening since last week
  • Issue getting a corporation that is in an alliance into Pirate warfare
  • “Pirates lost touch with their humanity” ROLF!!!
  • 1What happend and some general feellings about the mechanics
  • People from Eve Toronto want to hold an event in Ottawa this weekend
  • Kill of the week
  • Pro’s trick : Combat mechanics
  • Shout out and Dame’s Podcast

The Shocking consequences of piracy revealed ! (CCC this week)

This week in the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles (CCC) we’re looking at some of the impact of this new piracy gameplay that the new expansion is bringing :

Dame is a star!

  1. Pirates’ scam that CCP don’t approve + Market manipulation
  2. Two HS systems got their Security upgraded
  3. 1st Suppression V attained by the Caldari
  4. PH Is expanding their borders and getting into FW
  5. Pro’s trick : Electronic Warfare

As always, use the Time stamps in description to get to the content you want :wink:


You missed the Best FPS ever! (CCC this week)

Sorry! We missed last week!

  • Alliance Tournament Wrap-up
  • Exploit notification
  • New site in the Pirate / Empire War zone
  • Back to Eve Vanguard
  • We need your help to find the right FPS to practice for the upcomming “real” Eve Vanguard
  • Patch note
  • The dailies are now more enjoyable!
  • Winter Nexus!
  • PLEX special in the Eve Store
  • Fanfest 2025 Early Bird Pioneer Passes are out!
  • More Offices in Zarzakh! (64)
  • New sounds quality in Dame’s podcast this week!
  • Eve’s board game
  • Frank’s story
  • A Sorry cutting board? Little cutting board…

Hey Canucks and Friends!

Happy new year everyone! :slight_smile:

On the show this week :

  1. The 1st Croissant is out of the oven (Azariel, Angel Titan)

  2. 6 Factions of the FW in a big Battle

  3. Active volcano in Iceland

  4. Dame is being generous with an extra podcast on Christmas

  5. Recap of the year

  6. Fresh news on Eve Vanguard

  7. Kill of the week

  8. Happy new year!

Fly safe on those roads in this holiday season!


Eve Montréal is back for 2024 and much more on this week’s CCC

YES Canucks and Friends! That’s right the Eve Montréal is back, with its unlimited Bacon offer and maple syrup everywhere!

Also this week in the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles :

Good show! :slight_smile:


Hey there Canucks and friends!

This week in the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles :

  1. Pirate update

  2. Eve vanguard

  3. Triglavian guys is famous in RL event! (he’s also canadian :wink: )

  4. Eve’s Survey about skin

  5. Director’s letter

  6. What CCP is planning for 2024

  7. New starter pack

  8. Eve Montréal : more then a sugar shack!

  9. Podcast about the Lore of Eve online



Hey there Canucks and friends!

This week in the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles :

Board game now on Kickstarter

  1. BIG NEWS!!!

  2. CSM 18 submit in Iceland : the agenda of the meetings

  3. Eve Montréal : 30th of March 2024 - Tickets are gonna be on sale soon!

  4. Return on this last weekend’s Eve Vanguard testing - Check your mail to answer the survey!

  5. Dame’s Podcast will get new episode next week!

  6. Pro trick : Broadcast radial menu

  7. Kills of the week


Also don’t the interview with Rixx Jarvix on the Jan 31 2024 at 19h00 EST, right there :


Yep you read it right! Starting with this episode, in a few days you’ll be able to listen to the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles on your favourite podcast provider!

This week, we speak of :

  • The Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles is now on podcast!

  • 1st Pirate FOB doing down

  • Frigate Free for all XX : April 20th

  • CSM is in Iceland right now!

  • The board Game is going well : Kickstarter

  • New launcher for Eve! Be careful!

  • Dame’s Podcast is getting a NEW episode MINMATAR TIME!

  • Or the Patreon

  • Kill of the Week!



:heart:Valentine’s day! Nothing says I love you like a K!llmail :heart: (CCC this week)

This week on the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles!


We got Rixx :wink:

This week on the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles :

  1. Titan Free For all!

  2. Kickstarter for the Board Game is coming to an end :

  3. Community beat

  4. Eve Montréal

  5. Update from Mike Azariah

  6. In Memory of Binette

  7. Today’s Patch

  8. Eve Vanguard is back from the 22 to the 26th of February 2024

  9. New episode of Chronicles of New Eden : Tribes of the Matar people

  10. New Segment!?!?! Tell us what you think

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