New Eve Online Show : Canuk Capsuleers Chronicles!

This week on the show

  1. Eve Montréal VIP option : Eve Montréal 2024 Tickets, Sat, 30 Mar 2024 at 11:00 AM | Eventbrite
  2. Goons vs PH ?!?!?!
  3. Eve Meet up in Pittsburg
  4. Lore : Dame’s new podcast episode air this Thursday!
  5. Lore question of the week : What’s the best technology in Eve Online?
  6. C5 Eviction of Lazerhawk
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We really messed up, but not for the Eve Montréal

  1. We messed up concerning Lazerhawk last week, it was Voidlings

  2. New enigma!

  3. We received the merch / the swag for the Eve Montréal and we show some of!

  4. Last week to get your VIP option to the Eve Montréal!

  5. Lore : Is CONCORD still useful?

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Eve Online crossover with Barbie!

In the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles this week !

  1. Eve Vanguard is back this Thursday! Mining and stuff
  2. Anger game 6
  3. Community Beat
  4. Barbie crossover! Yep Ken’s Clones are happening
  5. Lore : Chronicles of New Eden
  6. Are the Gallente any good?
  7. Blue Donuts battle!
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Incomming Skin tool for ships! CCC this week

This week on the Canuck Capsuleers Chronicles :

  1. EverMore Accuses NES of Capsuleer Monopoly

  2. What has been said at the last Fanfest on the EverMarks

  3. Tweet from Hillmar : Easter egg’s Easter egg

  4. Interview with CCP Nomad and CCP Mischief

  5. Eve Montréal prep and prizes

  6. Scope

  7. Frigate Free For All 10 on the 20th of April 2024!

  8. Support a new Youtuber

  9. Last chance to get your ticket for the Eve Montréal!

  10. Lore : What’s the best means of transportation in Eve Online?

  11. Speculation : How do you think capital warfare will change with Vanguard and the existing modules for tactical recloners?

  12. Kill of the Week

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The Eve Montréal was awesome!

Yes, you missed something really great! But rejoice! There’s another one next year!
In the CCC this week :

  1. Return on Eve Montréal :
  2. Eve Toronto
  3. Eve New Orleans
  4. Eve Moncton
  5. New Career Packs Available
  6. Community Beat
  7. Alysii PI Scheme
  8. Mark Ressurectus is now CCP Bathrobe!
  9. New Project discovery + Cell App in beta
  10. April’s Fool :
  11. Lore
  12. Slow and Blackflag
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That’s a sign of success : 1st hater :smiley: (yeah, we’re actually happy about it :slight_smile: )

  1. New clones getting sold to the Empires
  2. CCP translation in French
  3. Arataka Research Consortium’s results
  4. Chemical Tech’s genetic getting bought by the Deathless : Thanks Eve Player to be yourself
  5. New faction MTU / Praise Bob!
  6. SRS getting farmed
  7. New intel tools :
  8. Clear sky 4 : Go fund me
  9. Anger Games 6 starts this weekend!
  10. Our 1st hater!
  11. Paco is awesome : Music for the podcast French Channel :
  12. Lore question of the week: What invention needs some love?
  13. Feedback from the Eve Montréal in Chat
  14. Eve Moncton : Get in touch with us on our Discord! SORRY!
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Playing FF4A with listening to the Angry Games 6 = Good Weekend!

The upcoming weekend is going to be just great :slight_smile:

This week in the CCC we talk of :

  1. Denim Day
  2. SkinRRR tool updates
  3. Board Game update
  4. CCP’s tutorial : how to make a corporation
  5. Anger Game 6
  6. Frigate Free for All this weekend in Ouelletta! Don’t you miss it!
  7. Capsuleer Day XXI is Coming
  8. New/old PI tool! Thanks u/skiedude !
  9. Lore : Dame’s podcast : Gallente time!

Have a great time!