C3-LS WH / Sorry in Advance is welcoming new Canucks and friends

Eh bud! :maple_leaf: Join the most apologetic bunch of space hosers in Sorry in Advance [CANTZ], eh! We’re a C3/LS Wormhole crew, focusing on small gang PvP and bootin’ up some industrial shenanigans, ya know?

We’re all aboot keepin’ it friendly, eh, followin’ those Canadian values and throwin’ in some memes for good measure. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, just undock, check out what Bob (that space god in the wormholes) is servin’ up, and enjoy the ride!

We’re even workin’ on an Angel-aligned Corporation for those times when Bob needs a little break, eh :wink:

What we got for ya:

  • A cozy Canadian fire camp vibe, eh

  • Our Discord community that supports events like Eve Montréal, Eve shows, and more

  • Our own Pathfinder – no need to get lost in the great white space

  • Small gang brawls – get ready for some polite pew pew

  • Shows and podcasts on what’s the happenings in Eve and its Lore

  • The golden opportunity to please Bob – the ultimate goal, eh

  • Lowclass WH and Pirat faction PVE – for those who love a good space lootin’ party

  • WH industry with great PI and gaz harvesting – 'cause why not, eh?


  • Behave yourself – we’re all aboot keeping it friendly, maintain respectful behavior

  • 5 million SP – just enough to know your way around a spaceship

  • Working mic and Discord – we love a good chat

  • Be on comms – let’s have a talk, eh

  • Don’t mind if people speak French – we’re all friends here

  • Understand that ships are made to be lost, offerings to the great Bob – wear your loss with pride, eh

So, if you’re ready to join a bunch of space hosers who love a good laugh, grab your toque, hop in your ship, and head on over, eh!

Happy new year Canucks and friends!

Recruitment is still up. Get into the momentum!

Recruiting continue with an emphasis on the 5+ millions skill points and a good understanding of the game. Our academy is not at full capacity.

Thank you for your comprehension.

Recruitment is still up!

Still recruiting :wink: