🚨 C3 pilots needed [CBCO]**Good Times^****^

we live in a C3, we are looking for leaders who want to run sites and have some good times.

All that WH has to offer

Planetary Interaction
Small-gang PvP
Ore and Ice Mining Ops

We have no taxes and we own all POCO’s and have no tax.

PVE and PVP training
Ore, Gas and PI opportunities and buyback.
Both experienced and newer players to cultivate a learning environment
Free tackle and fleet ships for NewBros
NewBro friendly environment
Secure ISK making Space (WH C3)
join pub ACELR8…hit me @ raleit#7718 discord

Cobalt Brigade [CBCO]

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we are getting lots of interest, please join ACELR8 Public Chat for more info and interview

Join us in public chat ACELR8

PI, industry, Pvp raleit#7718

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we have doughnuts, coffee and dank dreams. winners plz apply

Hey Ral, We had some good times in lowsex. Your Leaders are first rate. I enjoyed flying with you
keep in touch.

Dire, thanks for the flowers join us in ACELR8 public chat

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Recruitment Open

thanks i will contact you

still recruiting

well shut my mouth! dank games

Still recruiting

Hey, some questions if you don’t mind asking them here:

  • Do you require an API key from new recruits to can sign up?

  • Any minimum participation requirements for defensive ops (protecting corp citadels and such)?

  • Any minimum requirement for daily / weekly / monthly / whatever sign ins / spent hours? (So what if someone is a casual alpha that may sign in several days a week for 3-5 hours a day OR depending on free time only or less than once a week for only an hour or so.)

If for whatever reason you don’t want to reply in public feel free to send me an in-game EVEmail as a reply.

(Note that this is my CEO alt, I have 20 chars at the moment and considering my gaming options for the future so may use one of them for wh activities; so not necessarily interested in joining right away though depending on the circumstances and requirements that may also be an option, I don’t have much time to play for the foreseeable future though.)

no we are pretty laid back…no requirement for participation or API needed.
do you have discord?

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Oh forgot that as often see that as a requirement too, was wondering if I should recall something else too, so no I don’t use voice chat. Not a native English speaker and dislike voice chat in general anyway, I prefer in-game text chat for communication.

general voice chat is NOT required but being in comms during a fleet or OP is required. you don’t need to speak necessarily but listen for important stuff

Listening should be no issue though depends on the speaker how well I recognize what was said as I don’t use English besides reading / writing / watching videos / streams and movies so not that experienced with direct voice comms and not sure how easy it is to properly recognize what is said but expect no problem with such in general.

do you have discord?

Nope I currently don’t have it installed as I don’t use it.

it is what we use so we can communicate out of the game. its very handy good for mobile and keeping up on the news of the corp and also friendly banter, friendships etc

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