Sorry in Advance is throwin' open the recruitment doors, eh? C3-LS, get ready for some true Canadian shenanigans, eh?

We’re all aboot bringin’ in new corporations to join the Alliance. But the real excitement is happenin’ in Excelsior League, our top-dog corporation, as they swing open their recruitment doors. We’re Bob’s loyal followers, practicin’ the fine art of Wormhole Bushido, eh?

Here’s the scoop on what we’re dishin’ out

  • We’re a friendly and laid-back crew. Until it’s time to pounce on potential prey. Then the gloves come off, bud!
  • We’ve got the Pathfinder mappin’ tool to navigate those wormholes like pros, eh?
  • Join us on Discord for endless banter and good ol’ fun, eh? It’s where all the cool kids hang out, ya know?
  • We’ll school ya in wormhole-oriented classes every now and then, eh? So you can rock those wormholes like a true Canuck!
  • Hold onto your toques, ‘cause we’ve got our very own Eve Online show, eh? We’re takin’ it to the next level, bud!
  • And guess what? We even got exclusive Sorry in Advance merch for real-life events, eh? Represent the squad in style.
  • Get ready to party, eh? Every month, we’ll throw a bash where titles and medals are dished out, and Bob himself gets offered some K-Spacer bodies that we hunted during the month. Now, that’s a Canadian party!
  • Oh, and don’t worry, eh? We cater to the Canadian time zone crowd, eh? Only the best for our friendly Canucks!

Now, here’s what we’re lookin’ for in our recruits, eh?

  • Show some respect, eh? Be polite, put real-life first, and be the kind of pilot your momma raised ya to be, eh?
  • Get yourself a workin’ mic and know your way around Discord, eh? Communication is key, after all!
  • French speaker? Pas de problème, mon ami! On peut tout traduire pour toi, eh? Just say “Sorry?” and we’ll make sure you’re in the loop! And it goes both ways.
  • Can you embrace the true Canadian culture? We’re talkin’ aboot saying Sorry when ya make someone lose a ship (and capsule for the K-Spacer), eh? It’s practically a national sport, eh?
  • Don’t forget to register your characters on our Alliance Auth, eh? We gotta keep things organized.
  • Bring at least 5 mill+ Skillpoints to the party, eh? Let’s see what ya got, bud!

So, what are ya waitin’ for, eh? Join us for a wild ride of Canadian-style fun and excitement! We promise you’ll have a hoot! :maple_leaf::canada: #EveJobs #CanadianContent #SorryInAdvance #WormholeLife

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