New Factional Warfare? Add Amnesty option


Players leaving the militia could opt by leaving while using a second option which is the amnesty option and this would rollback the standings based on the player’s rank.
If you have standings of +5 with a faction and -5 to the enemy faction and you are a rank 5 (Imperial Major) then rollback the standings based on this value and bring both factions to 0 standings.

Just like in real life, the State offers amnesty and you surrender your weapons then you can go back to civilian life.

No grinding for standings, no farming, no nothing, none of that… just click a button and rollback the standings based on the ranks. Let people come and go and even switch sides when they please or even invent a new path for standings fix.

Let people enjoy FW as much as they want for months and walk away scot-free if they want to, let people be happy by design and not by grind.


Yes, why should choices and actions matter and have consequences?

Remove consequences, nothing should matter, give us a button to roll back any actions we did!



If you want the consequences then just stay or leave FW through the actual option.

People who think like you are the problem in EVE, being player or dev, this way of seeing things in whch everybody has to suffer, grind, be crushed is the problem. This is why so people so many people played EVE and left EVE.

Give amnesty to EVE, real life has it and people are chill about it, give players at least a few more happy experiences for a change instead of more grinding and more “consequences” as if real life didnt have enough consequences enough.

No, it’s about choices that are meaningful to you and how you play the game. I still have bad Amarr/Caldari faction standings from playing Minmatar FW 10 years ago. That was a meaningful choice, that gets to continue to live on in time and persist in ways other games don’t.

One button to simply erase that bit of history cheapens the “hates Amarrians” feeling I get logging into my toon. It’s what makes him unique, no one can take that bit of history away from him, and he gets to live with the consequences of his choices. It would cheapen the game to have a 1-button-erase type of deal.

These low faction standings aren’t permanent, by the way, and CCP at Fanfest FW round table did indicate that it is really tough to Bootstrap back to -2 (only access to Level 1 agents while dodging facpo), so while I don’t think an “amnesty button” is the way to go, realistically there might be a change in the future that makes getting out of very negative standings a bit easier.

There’s plenty of games out there that let you wipe/reset between choices – battle royale games, for example. None let you carry meaningful consequences 10 years into the future.


Even though i work for the united standings improvement agency, i happily boast my -10 with the rust buckets and gals

The leave FW option will be still there for you if you believe in that, pick your poison.

Also amnesty is meaningful to the game because it will reset your ranks and you would have to get them all back. Also opens the option to join the other faction.

See? The problem about EVE is this, we don’t retain players because veterans go in a full boomer rant about “consequences”… well let me tell you, leaving corps and alliances have no consequences and many other things have no consequences.

Add amnesty to Factional Warfare and let people go to faction to faction if they want to instead of pushing people to a hard grind on standings fix or pushing people to make another alt.

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This is a great way to elevate the dialogue of your topic. /s

Nowhere did I say “you young whippersnappers should grind your standings back up to be 0!” In fact, I even pointed out that CCP likely thinks this too difficult. If you care to know my opinion, I’m inclined to agree as well. Have you ever tried to run Level 1 missions while dodging facpo? I have. It is indeed unpleasant.

There’s a wide gulf of opportunities between “really boring and time-consuming grind” of today and your “1-click instant-gratification fix”. Just because I pushed back against your idea, doesn’t mean I am pro-status quo.

Again, it is about meaningful choices. Some of them by design are meant to be weighty and time-intensive to undo, it’s a matter of degree of time which should be tolerable.

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Let people decide what they want for their own history.

I do not really want to discuss with people who just want to keep the old mechanics, Io Korval. The old way of thinking and seeing things have to go and never return. So please, everybody who wants to keep the old crooked ways of seeing things, please ignore this topic, this topic is about the new to the new FW.

I am exposing this new concept and I do not want the concept to be twisted with that old way of seeing things about what is meaningful or not, because this is subjective and personal.

-the momment you join it is already meaningful
-the momment you leave it is already meaninful

Both changes the game dramatically so both are meaningful. Period.

Leaving FW or taking amnesty will change dramatically and both are meaningful and you could even go play FW in the other faction if you take amnesty, which is also meaninful.

There is no loss in meaninfulness, there is only gain because it is a sandbox and your personal history.

People come to EVE believing that this is a sandbox and when they arrive they meet the grinds and people stressing that everybody else has to bite a bullet. Why? Let people enjoy the game and be happy and write their own history, it is not up to the people who can’t see the new to decide what others should do about their own paths.

Meaningful is being able to direct your experience, after all this is a sandbox. EVE is advertised as a sandbox.
People will be able to create a new path for standings fix other than that long grind people do running missions and doing COSMO missions.

Who wants to stay will stay in FW, who wants to leave will leave, who wants to take amnesty will take amnesty.

Let people decide what they want, no more ball and chain mechanics, no more grinds, no more alts.

“Everyone who disagrees with me can ■■■■ off” is what you’re saying to me. Others who see you wearing your Speech Police hat can judge for themselves whether that means your idea can truly stand up to criticism from the free marketplace of ideas.

I’ll do as you ask and not bother with interacting with what would otherwise be a continuation of your thinly veiled toxicity.

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It is meaningful if your rank is reset and it does parallel in-real-life scenarios. The choice then is to preserve your rank at the cost of your standings, or to dismiss your rank. If rank has no advantage or value then that’s an example of a design flaw.

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My boy!

Yes, if the rank has no value and the standings are complicating everything, why have it?
Peserving the rank is nice if you want to come back to the same militia.

Your reasons, your reasons.

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