New features for chat

So I fly incursions almost daily and there are three things that annoys me as an incursionist, and no, we can go around gankers, so they’re not on this list.

1-every time I enter on an incurion system a new sansha incursion tab is created, what would be ok if:

2-I can’t never ever close sansha tab while on incursion space and every time I enter incursion space sansha tab makes itself as the active tab what is really annoying but no more than:

3-Every time I login all my tabs besides local and corp are all in random locations. I can’t never log in and see the tabs the way I like them sorted.

So these are the new features I would like to see: close “any” tab regardless if is sansha, local or corp, so I can use my own tabs on the limited space I have on my screen. The ability sort my tabs however I want and the next day find them the way I left. And finally entering on incursion space from normal space don’t have my active tab switched to sansha, this disrupt my watch on local.

and CCP, please don’t break chat while doing this. Thanks.

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You can’t close them, but you can break these tabs out of the stack and minimize them to the Neocom as a workaround for the time being.

Would be nice if they turned it into another channel just like the Event channel. Then put a tiny button on the Incursion overlay where it tells you about the ongoing Incursion and do the same within the Agency.

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