Sansha Blackout - Incursion on Steriods

Oh noes the Sansha are hacking into Concord systems disrupting them as part of their sinister plot. Your Regions Concord Services are being Sansha ddosd’.

** + 10 - 50% delayed Concord Response Time in the affected HS Region.
** Sentry Guns in LS offline and jumping a gate can randomly fail denying you jump. 5 - 25% Chance and 10sec cool down before the next jump attempt in the affected LS Region.
** 5 - 20 Second delayed local chat in NS and minus 25-50% Bounty Payouts for the affected NS Region.

+1 Standard Sansha Incursion in the affected HS, LS and NS Region each.

Quick, pick a side and run these data/combat sites popping up in every constellation that is part of the invaded region to influence the scale of the effects in the constellation respectively.

Engage Concord/DED forces and hack their Datacenters to further push the negative effects and get Sansha LP.

Engage Sansha forces and hack their jammers to limit and push back on the negative effects and get Concord (DED) LP.

Ship restrictions in place for the sites
Minor site : T1 and Faction Frigs
Outpost : T1/T2/T3 destroyers and T2 frigs
Distribution Node : T1/T2 and Faction Cruisers
Core Node : T1/T2/Faction Battlecruisers and T3C
Master Node : T1/T2/Faction Battleships
HQ : Free for all including Capitals in LS and NS.

Upon entering a site any and all cloaking modules and warpcore stabs are offlined.

The bigger the site the bigger the influence on the effects.

The Incursion lasts 24h.
Every 24h a random HS,NS and LS Region is being invaded simultaneously.

How about no, we are not having a gankers freebie event.

Any other reasons than carebear salt ?

Because gankers greed doesn’t need feeding.

We already had this kind of hassle with the Trig invasions and this was such a great experience just in one system. I can’t wait for this excellent experience in an entire region.

Me too. Its gonna be great !

I would rather have Mini incursions form the other Pirate factions 1-3 systems on a smaller scale more suited for new players than the Big bad Sansha incursions we have now.

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