Changes today to incursions

" Miscellaneous:

  • Changes to the qualification rules for Sansha Incursion rewards have been made. In order to qualify for the rewards, pilots must be present at the site upon completion and also have a meaningful contribution to the completion of the site."

Here I am expecting you guys to change invasion sites to match incursions so that people who run sites as a group don’t have to put up with ass holes coming in with long range frigates, shooting literally one time, and then waiting for their free payout. Now I read you are changing incursions to match this horse ■■■■ mechanic. Not gonna lie I am getting really pissed off with this situation and I know for a fact I am not alone. This system allows for trolling with no counter play and more than that punishes players who are actually out there running your damn content to begin with…I finally come back to the game after being gone for a few years, I latch onto this content because its fun and I am trying to be patient about it but holy good god is it frustrating. Please undo this and set all sites in incursions and invasions to be “which group contributes the most, gets the rewards” that’s how it should be and there is NOTHING wrong with it.


I’m curious what lead you to your conclusion that

as I personally do not think that

equates to

So… what am I missing?



Tbh at this point idc if it doesn’t mean it matches the invasion mechanics now although the wording does lead one to believe it does. Either way the invasion mechanics for payout are literally promoting cancerous behavior and I don’t and never have approved of it.

Um, ok then.

Ahh, no, no it really does not… unless the ‘one’ you’re referring to there is yourself… ? Which is why I asked why you think this, because I, for one, do not think it does… in fact I can see no way that it would even remotely lead to your conclusion.

Guess I should just stop trying to understand people on teh interwebs.


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It sounds to me that the opposite is going to happen. You’ll have to actually contribute instead of taking a potshot at the rats to get a payout. I would prefer it if they defined meaningful contribution, but that sounds like the exact opposite of what you’re whining about.

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No mention of changing the existing contest mechanics, so unless you can out-damage my thirty-some battleships with your frigate it won’t matter much.

The mechanics from Trig Invasions that the OP is whining about include people being able to mooch an equal share to everyone in the primary fleet doing the site… by shooting a single unit of ammo at a single triglavian rat (and not even necessarily killing it).

You can bitch about alts mooching in incursions, but… they’re alts of people who are doing the work on grid. Someone coming in and shooting 1 bullet at a trig is not doing work, they’re getting paid for others’ work.

At least the ninja salvagers/looters are doing work and taking risks.

If the changes aren’t being made to sansha incursions then thats fine and the wording is vague anyway so I don’t care that much. This is a combo bitch fest. I see a problem and have seen a problem for some time here. Sylvia has nailed my feelings on this matter. The ability for someone to come on grid, shoot one bullet and get payout is obscene to me. The ninja salvaging is part of the game I understand at least and ninja looting carries its own risks so those are acceptable things to me but payout stealing carries with it no risk and is just pushing the boundaries of unfair BS.

Me and my corp mates have spent a LOT of time optimizing invasion sites to run them together with efficiency and speed and I’ve seen up to 3 separate frigates just come in, shoot one thing, and just sit there for payout. And thats just one site

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Glad I didn’t misinterpret your original point(s) when trying to explain to that replier.

Incursions are now bugged where contests don’t pay EITHER fleet, btw, unless they’ve patched it today, so… look on the bright side. At least the moochers in invasions don’t shut down the ENTIRE payout for everyone. :wink:

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