💳 New Forums Poll w/PLEX 💳

what the heck are people posting that this is even an issue? I asked this on the old forums where people complained about it too.

Define “restrictive”, please.

–50 Shades of Gadget


Well, discussing moderation is against the rules, and it is surprising the thread hasn’t gotten locked. (Yet.) So, while not mentioning specific instances, paying attention to what mods seems to lock and warn about in their posts, it seems you have to be pretty extreme, including racism, politics, and getting overly personal/scary with insults, as well as flagrant forum pollution like thread spam. Occasionally you’ll see a “post has been flagged by the community and hidden” which it appears involves direct CCP intervention.

I’m not sure if these forums are more or less moderated than the old ones, but these ones appear to make the moderation process more streamlined. And yeah, if you do something like the OP apparently has to get yourself moderated, you know what you did and should probably chill out rather than blowing your lid even more. <ahem, op, ahem>

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Got 2 (or was it 3) expulsions from these forums for stuff that was 100% okay on the previous forums

Also the mistake of unbanning people that were previously banned was dumb

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New forum more toxic and less moderated vs. the old ones. There have been much more ISD policemen watching for order.

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So, you already gave out the PLEX… that was fast.

That is a feature of the forum software.

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Likewise. Also got a warning for “trolling” because I asked a genuine question. Nothing against ISD, but the CCP side of things (we all know who it is) is personally biased at times and hands out bans not for breaking any rules, but because he doesn’t like something.


That is odd, and a bit disturbing. Makes me wonder about the flagging, and gaming thereof.

As for the unbanned, haven’t many of them been re-banned… in some cases incredibly quickly.

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I also have nothing against ISD.

It was probably too much work (if possible at all) to carry the bans between platforms.

Amnesty and re-banning, wasn’t a bad choice.

Some made good on the second chance, some showed why they earned the first one.

–Good Girl Gadget (gets a treat)


I voted “same” cause there’s no option for “Meh, I don’t care.”

Restrictive would imply it’s harder to gain access to them. In which case these forums are identical to the old forums as all you have ever needed was an account to gain access.

Restrictive in the sense of what you can post, then these forums are far less restrictive as there are a multitude of things we can do here that we couldn’t before, such as posting images.

The only way they are “more” restrictive is in navigation, but even that has some improvements over the old system. Even if it can feel like information overload here since all posts are displayed on a single page now. So maybe finding your place if you accidentally scroll too far in a large topic it can be difficult to find your spot again to continue where you left off. But that’s hardly restrictive.

some tried alts, but they were also promptly banned (as was I once for being ruthless with one particular guy)

I may or may not have picked all 3 options.

Oops. Maybe.

These forums suck, plain and simple.

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I don’t give a flying ■■■■. Just behave.

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I vote Other.

This poll is restrictive.

-Civic-minded Gadget


Absolutely nothing. Some people just hate change.

The new forums are no longer the new forums. They’re just the forums.

They’re here to stay. There’ll be additions and changes made as we go along without a doubt, but this poll serves no purpose other than being flame bait and non-constructive.

Therefore, it’s closed.

For reference, people who are suspended from the forums will see the messages coming from me due to the fact that ISD moderate and refer cases to CCP for action, but don’t pull the trigger on suspensions.

Any bans, suspensions or warnings are not their responsibility, so don’t give them heat for it.

It’s down to CCP to enforce any warnings and suspensions that occur.

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