The "Win PLEX - share your opinions with CCP" mail

There was a link to a survey you should take with the chance to win PLEX, okay I thought, I like quizzes. Never win anything though, but if I can help with my feedback I’m all for it, I have a few minutes to spare.
Well, turns out I can’t get past the first page without lying. I’m only an occasional Omega player, and currently I’m playing as an alpha, and lo and behold, how many omega accounts do you have is the last question before the “next”-button. Do they have an option for none? Nope.

So what do I do, lie? Me? Never! I quit and hope they’ll update the survey with a fix.

Stupid online surveys, missing options as if they only want a certain answer so we drop the option that we don’t want to hear about.


It has nothing to do with lying. It’s not a quiz, it’s a survey. You can answer whatever you want. I have answered all the questions with Yes where I had the choice between No, End Survey Here or Yes, Continue With Questions On This Topic, because I know stuff about these aspects even without using or experiencing them.

Exactly, it’s a survey, and giving false answers helps noone.

I don’t ever take surveys. If a corporation wants to know what I think or do, all they have to do is read the comments on their website and if they sensure users or have no comment section then that’s on them.
I have been told and shown that my opinion doesn’t matter so many times by different stratagem that a survey, to me, is just another way to understand how to make me spend more money on things I don’t need or providing information about myself that, really, is nobody’s business.
If my opinion doesn’t matter I don’t see why I should waste my time filling out a survey.

Same thing for news and information. As soon as Russia invaded Ukraine, all the Russian news outlets were banned from the air in the West. But then the remaining news outlets report on things that are happening in Russia with the Russian people and I’m supposed to believe one word of what they’re saying?

Maybe my logic is all flawed concerning all that. I’m willing to accept it. But if I want info from China I’m not going to watch a news broadcast from Botswana.

Good for you. About not taking surveys.

About the other issue:
What media channels in the west are interested in what’s going on in Russia? Ukraine is where the explosions are…

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