💳 New Forums Poll w/PLEX 💳

:credit_card: New Forums Poll w/PLEX :credit_card:

  • New Forums are LESS restrictive.
  • New Forums are MORE restrictive.
  • New Forums are the SAME as before.

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*Random PLEX gave.

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*This is my first poll.

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What is the poll meant to accomplish?

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If you have to ask…I can’t explain it where you’d understand.

Please try


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I’m not voting until you tell me what’s wrong with the forums

I’m guessing OP got banned, or an alt banned or something, and wants to create some fake data points to prove it was unjust. Or something. There are far more interesting ways to extrapolate data.


Why would we vote if we don’t know what we voting for.

You have 3 choices. If none apply in your opinion simply don’t vote.

Please give me an example of a “far more interesting ways to extrapolate data”.

I’m not trying to steer the vote.

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By using actual data. Check rates of forum use, numbers of individual posters, frequency of posting, frequency of moderator intervention relative to overall forums use. You know, ACTUAL data points rather than fake ones. Compare the same numbers in the old forums to the new forums. If you’re going to conjure up a lie about how your bans were unjust, at least base the lie on real data rather than fake poll data.

Impossible…as we are not allowed to discuss moderation.

A Dev. posted a thread saying that the forums were going to be more open and less moderated. I have seen no evidence of this.

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I remember that comment as well. Actually, I think the new forum format (which is truly terrible in comparison to the legacy forums) actually does have less forum moderation, but not because of some CCP policy.

It could they are not getting enough volunteers anymore to moderate, or gutting the community team also affected forum moderation, or both.

Frankly, given how much the reddit forum has taken over as the defacto official forum, and the fact that the RMT cartels have won Eve and don’t need to censor anti-null sec content, I can see a drop in “neutral” volunteers to moderate this forum.

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now what is this about and what has it to do with plex?
i dont get it … sorry …

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure the OP doesn’t either. This thread has addled mind written all over it.


You’re not allowed to discuss moderation, but unless the thread gets deleted, the evidence is still there. And afaik, they don’t really delete threads, just lock and close.

But here’s an alternative idea. You did something dumb and got a forums ban. Bans are only permanent if you did something especially dumb. How about you be a man, take your licks, and move on. I know, novel idea.

nope, ccp has reverted back to their original stance on forum comments. so becareful what you say and how you say… some of them get butt hurt to the point they’ll shut it down…

which is fine… I mean we cant have the same ole trolls here causing trouble anyway…

no matter how much many want to see ccp fozzie fired… he is a human being just like ccp falcon, I don’t blame them for being on edge… it happens just like hair loss… facts of life. … and just wishing and praying for that to happen is just wrong… now as I uttered this out of my lips… im going to slap myself and play in traffic… good day to you all


As someone who was banned for 14 days for posting picture of laughing Putin only one time in my entire forum activity, I feel they are very restrictive. I have seen people post images of Putin everywhere and these people are not banned. I think they wanted to silence me and this was only a pretext. :confused:

BAN EDIT: Looks like I am now banned for the next 30 days. CCP Falcon of course…


I don’t especially care for these new forums. I don’t feel the need to enter a poll to say that. I moderated a forum for years and anything was fair game except for pyschedelic acid gifs,kiddie pron,snuff pics and the like. Trolls were welcome and didn’t really have any impact on subject matter. They just gave a reason to get out the popcorn.

These forums lack some basic function,though I suspect it has to do with the moderation time engagement over anything else.

Now can I have my PLEX?

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This is true of most voting. People tend to be rationally ignorant–i.e. when the (marginal) costs of acquiring more information about something exceeds the (marginal) benefits you stop acquiring information. This is why people often use a heuristic like “I vote for party X, because I generally agree with their policies.”

People often vote for things based on the intentions of the policies vs. the effect. For example, minimum wage laws/policies. Many people like the idea of doubling the minimum wage. They like the intention of raising the wages/incomes of low skilled workers, which is indeed a nice/good intention. However, setting a wage well above the market clearing wage could cause unemployment. Some people even look at minimum wage studies, but unfortunately those studies tend to have very, very low power (about 0.085 or 8.5% according to John Ionnaidis). The power of a statistical model (simplified version) is the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis (no effect) when in fact the alternate hypothesis (there is an effect) is true. One reason for this is that the effect is small. Most studies on the minimum wage are about small changes in the minimum wage (say increasing the minimum wage $0.5/hour). So noting that there is “no effect” which could very well be due to a false negative and extrapolating to “no effect when we double the minimum wage” could actually lead to a bad outcome. And note, this example also includes rational ignorance. Most people aren’t going to go out and educate themselves about statistics and then go figure out the power of the statistical model used in some paper.

So…go ahead and vote even though you don’t know what you are voting for. That’s how most people vote. :smile: