Forum Poll Suggestion

Let us filter the results by “Time on Forums” so that we can get more accurate results.

Last night one of the forum polls had an answer go from 20% to 32% and when you look at the people who voted it is all alts with less than 5 minutes time reading on forums.

See the “Yes” vote.

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And he created a poll with 3 No options and 1 Yes option. Can we fix that, too?

I’m talking about a filter, if you don’t like the poll in the example weep in that thread please.

Does it really matter? Will it make a difference in game development? I believe I voted that it’s fine how it is. I definitely don’t have any delusion it will make a difference.

Probably not, but we should not sacrifice accuracy on the assumption it doesn’t matter.

Why are you acting like a forum poll has any chance of reflecting reality?

Forum polls are confirmation bias distilled to its simplest form. No more. No less.

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Then remove them, or fix them.

But leaving as is just creates a false reality, a mechanism for fake news. We already have enough fake news.

Like most of the people who bandy that about online, I suspect you define that as, “Opinions I disagree with”.

When wrong, attack!

Or in your case, facts you ignore.

Go look at the last 10-15 yes votes in that poll, every alt logged in 16-17 hours ago for 1 min and voted.

EDIT: A sample they are all like this:

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Knowing the way that EVE appears to be heading, I suspect that bot forum voting will be coming soon.


Like labeling things you don’t like as fake news?

How is defining forum polls as confirmation bias ignoring facts?

Why? To confirm what I already stated? That forum polls are pointless drivel.

All news is now real because all fake news is really just people who don’t like it calling it fake.


I would not treat such a pool seriously at all. Others shouldnt too. You can see I didnt even vote there.

Is there even a point anymore? These forums are a shadow of their former glory… Even r/Eve is down considerably. Most of the EVE news and blog sites are also dying a slow death (Crossing Zebras, etc.)

The number of active players at this time of year should be substantially higher and yet it feels like a ghost town.

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Updated the thread’s initial post.

Carebears are, as usual, dishonest and cheating.

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