EvE 2020-2021 updates survey


I think a poll is way better and cleaner than digging trough 1000+ posts on forum or looking at rants on Reddit.

Should there be one after every update? Maybe? Better than watching people vote with their feet and react to it months later. Also unlike last time (blackout) the cause isn’t that easy to pinpoint. Probably multiple causes spread over time, covered by the Cough and WWB2…


Depends how far apart the updates are but I think there should be, yes.

Good survey.

Please share results.

No P2W


I took the survey, gotta say most of my answers were rated way out in left field… if you know what I mean.

The results are kinda obvious, there is no update that could be rated higher than “5 - zero flowing pucks given”, but still, share please.

I gave one of the updates a 10 and another one got a 3, about 1/3rd of the updates I gave a 5 and all the rest pretty much got a rate of 1.

Come on, Jita is at least a 5 ^^
I will share once we get more data.

Only if you undock.

Interior got an ovelhaul too!

Only if you don’t use super potato mode on your trade alt.

Yes. Would be better than those slow-mo 15-minutes interval threads and at least every voice would be ‘heard’.

Made new poll, the old one had some flaws… + need way more responses anyway. I’ll send the data to CCP if I get significant numbers.



Probably get placed in a “jet can” and get popped.

Push it to CCP via CSM not directly. Otherwise it just gonna end in garbage can like everything else.

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Will do.

Need help spreading the survey :3

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