New Harvestable materials and Power Station Structure

CCP Please: Add Power Station Structures to the game that will be required to power up the other structures in the system. Sov capture Structures should NOT need an external power source and capturing Sov should remain sepparate. But we would add a power station structure that feeds power to all the active modules on the rest of the structures in the system. To power these power stations Fuel would be required and a selection of new harvestable materials will be added to the game. Providing new activities and commodities for Industrialists to harvest refine and trade.

Strategically the protection/destruction of a systems power station would provide incentive for battle as knocking out these structures would leave pilots unable to fit ships / clone / refine etc etc On top of this Structures would loose their defensive capabilities making them easier for small gangs to camp and harrass the residents. This in turn would generate more small gang skirmish action.

Just an Idea. Play with it, discard it or stick it on the back burner to mature and ferment.

I don’t think it’s sensible that anyone would build a 30km space station that relies entirely on external power, so two other takes on your idea:

  1. Add a Upwell Solar Concentrator structure that can be deployed within X km of sun and connects to at most one structure in the system or PI command center. It adds Y PG to that structure with stacking penalties. Upon destruction, it causes a power surge that randomly offlines up to Z modules in the connected structure.

  2. (never done upwell structure warfare, is this already possible?) Allow the attacking fleet to ship scan, target, and destroy a fitted Standup Reactor Control Unit I in a structure under siege