New High Sec Corp, Looking for pilots to join the team :)


I am Tango CEO of Imperial Mining Incorporated, I’m rebooting the Corp founded many moons ago that sadly closed it’s doors! it’s my hope to reboot the Corp and encourage the environment that once made this great name thrive and allowed friendships to form.

Our Short Term Goals, are to recruit a player base of Miners, Industrialists and pilots from all aspects of the game and encourage a rich content driven atmosphere for all our pilots!

Long-term goals, to have the player base to support a Buyback and Production program to support isk gains. We’ll aslo be seeking knowledgeable pilots experienced in other areas of the game willing to deliver in Corp content to and have multiple levels of content for all.

As you can imagine right now we are few on numbers and not many people to chat with or organise events, but am hoping this post changes that :slight_smile:

Join Our in game Recruitment Channel IM.I Rec for a chat :wink:

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