New high sec NPCS killing players in strong ships at stations

Despite what some of the uninformed here are saying, these rats don’t fight solo, it’s typically a fleet of 5 ships that hunt players around the system, each one is a fully faction fit dps/tank spec equivalent of a player in a frigate. Those kestrels output IMMENSE dps for a npc, because your really fighting the equivalent of an actual player in that ship, (Who is 50/50 dps/tank fit.) five of them. They can break the tank of anything that mines, and a good number of combat ships without significant tank.

However they do not scram/web in the hunting parties, only escalation fleets for their haulers/miners scram/point.


It’s gonna be interesting having to grind up some standings with the local “enemy” groups(which could include CONCORD) to keep them from attacking you on site.

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Ssshhh…CCP and the null sec cartels want to stick their fingers in their ears and go “la la la , I am not listening.”

Your view of the game, which is still held by a significant minority, perhaps even the majority of the subscription base, is completely incongruous to their view of the game. Instead or recognizing what you and so many others feel about Eve and how you play it, the prefer to ignore reality and plow forward with their idiotic decisions, which is killing Eve.


Nailed it!

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just so you guys know they WILL ATTACK VULNERABLE CITADELS just fended some blood raiders off tonight myself from my corp citadel, just dont forget to deal with the FOB before they get to strong cause you will get stronger hunting parties the longer you leave it be

Dropping this again just in case some one missed it.

I will most definitely see these NPC’s at some point, pretty much worst minus rating with pirate corps from missions and ratting, however CCP should add a way to repair your rating with them beyond the diplomacy skill that many of us already used to fix things in the past, at the very least have the new rats drop some kind of better loot if you do engage them, for sure I can be in a belt with others and even if the rat warps in next to someone else it will make the trip from one side of the belt to the other to attack me every single time, so this “new” feature is not really gonna be to much different than what I experience now, but hopefully they aren’t too overpowering.

Speaking as someone who plays mostly solo, your view does not match my reality of the game.

Once a while I scan corp adverts and 90% of those have requirements like full API, interview and staying on comms. Those are huge barriers for someone who doesn’t like to expose in public, and I think it’s safe to say most people who find socializing hard, don’t. It’s also very unconvenient to someone having family asleep (comms and time constraints). So … you wan’t more people joining player corps? Than stop building barriers.

You can blame that on a mix of CCP’s laissez-faire policy and the players who take advantage of it. When a game allows corporate sabotage to the level that a single psychopathic player can take down an entire alliance by himself, it’s no wonder that corps are paranoid and strict about players joining them. The only way that those barriers are gonna go away is if there were punishments for such behavior leveled by CCP themselves, but that won’t happen. It would go against the spirit of the game itself.

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Fundamental principle of EvE is “don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose”. You don’t blame CCP for loosing your ship in lowsec, because you consciously crossed that gate leading to it, thus accepting the risk. Applying that rule to corp/alliance you either don’t accept strangers or accept the risk of sabotage - which btw in EvE world is a perfectly legit form of PvP. I see nor reason for CCP to interfere as much as i don’t see the reason for CCP to interfere with ganking because I lost my ship to one.

Yes, I understand those barriers are there to mitigate the risk but with tools like character bazaar I hardly believe this is gonna stop a devoted, or psychopatic, as you said, player from exploding a corp/alliance from inside. Main problem bothering me, and the real reason i posted this, is a lot of people come here bitchin about carebears in hisec and expecting CCP to push them into null so they can kill them over and over with minimal effort. Compared to HS null is mostly dead and I don’t think the blame is on carebears. Among few other objective reasons I’d rather see it in null/lowsec attitude towards players with other values than KB stats.

Sorry OP for derailing the topic :wink:

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Can people start a new thread about this game being solo, and keep this one clear for its topic?

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For those still concerned about these npcs, some tips I’ve learned are that you can usually easily tell if they are in system by warping to a location nearest to asteroid belts in system and doing a 360 degree directional scan, if you see blood raider or guristas mining ships with diamonds in front of it, there is a 100% chance of a FOB in the system. Don’t freak out if you see combat ships though, even with diamonds, as those are found in mining expeditions as well.

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Its an equivalent highsec feature to the dreadnaught spawn. its farmable for money like the dreadnaught, its random like the dreadnaught, its easier to detect than the dreadnaught and its scaled more appropriately to highsec level danger, and since most highsec players have at least 3 regions where their standings work, its just as easy as the dreadnaught to avoid if one doesn’t want to group up to kill a FOB.

The dreadnaught did not end solo ratting or mining in a subcap in nullsec, and this feature will not end solo play in highsec.

Its also a more nicely engineered feature that imo helps suspend disbelief by not having cardboard npc’s.

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Call it cause and effect. ‘Cause of folks’ ability to betray a corp to such levels and no consequences leveled by CCP, the effect is that corps and alliances are paranoid as hell when it comes to recruiting new players. Newbies are scared off by said recruitment requirements, stay in npc corps, get bored, and leave.

I’ll take insult to you implying that I’m a nullsec pilot.

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There are still corps everywhere that take virtually anyone and don’t require api checks. There are even organisations that don’t bother with making you join a corp at all, usually special interest, but some are quite generalist.

it really comes down to a selection of what you want from the corp - because the robustness of the corp probably dictates what things it can achieve and how often it will trip you up, for those reasons some people would prefer to join corps that make efforts to be more secure, and thus handle more resources safely.

Didn’t mean no insult. I’m tottally fine with you picking whatever playstyle fits you or anyone else and I’m sorry if anything in my post may have implied something different.

FOB’s. Do they only show up in Caldari/Amarr space? I’ve been looking for those like mad but I’m currently tied to Gallente regions and I couldn’t find any around.

npc have never engaged npcs sadly, ccp blames old code

No, they apparently show up in all areas of space, or so I’m told. (All highsec empire space that is.)

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That’s cool.

I don’t think that is true, at least not yet. The FOBs should only spawn in the space appropriate for Guristas and Blood Raiders which means only Caldari and Amarr space. The killboards seem to back that up.

I am sure eventually, and probably even soon, FOBs will appear for all the pirate factions and spawn all throughout highsec.

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