New item eric

is eric a aprils fool joke


Is the date april 1st? :stuck_out_tongue:
You have your answer


Yes it’s an April Fools joke, CCP do one every year; that said I do want the full on Egyptian headgear Anubis implant.


No, ERIC is 100% real and will be deployed soon just like CCP said in their announcement. It’s an official announcement on the official EvE launcher! Why would you think it wasn’t real? It has been being tested on the test server for quite some time! Really, people need to pay attention!



That was mean. Flashback to Clippy! :rofl:

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Seriously…lmao wow you must be new to MMOs, CCP and Blizz has done this for years and yes it is a joke in all honesty if you read the blog at all it should have jumped out at you as a joke. Especially the little subtext ERIC is telling the player.

Please, no. No one needs Clippy back.


My real name’s Eric.

Im offended.


What, that his real name is Eric or that he is offended?

Could be worse, they could have called it Keith, you have to watch out for anyone called Keith, dangerous blighters…

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Emma’s too, all Emma’s are evil

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Dracvlad shudders, yes Emma’s very very evil

I want a shuttle that looks like that in the background… or a frigate!!! that would be AWESOME!

Lol, I think that’s the implant itself; the anime style rendering in the portrait is just the icing on the cake.

It looks like a stylised dog, Anubis has the head of a dog.

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I think, if they add E.R.I.C. , that thing gonna help for newbies, as for a new guy to enter in EVE Universe, there is no warranty that he will get used to it in the first times. Guess, this gonna work like a personal “trainer”, if I read correctly the information about this update…

The only question is the price of this stuff

If someone’s opinion coincided with mine, I will not mind if they write a response

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