April fools day is coming

Last year we got UOMG.

What do you think we will get this year? Another piece of lore or something in game?

I think someone slipped this years April fools gag into the last release by accident :smiley:


Wait, April 1st wasn’t already? I though the March 20 patch was the fools day joke.

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I think they should say they are reducing the universe down to 1 system per region to make everything more lively hahahaha would be epic!

Or they can say that after fixing local they will remove local for anything under -0.3 sec status.

1/3/18 : “We’re fixing War!”


Announce the buyout by EA.


LOL That would be insane!

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that wouldn’t be a lie and has the potential of being very true.

But why EA?

Because that’s where old games go to die :joy:

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Because EA is the only purely evil game publisher that anyone knows of.

Announce an April 20th patch that includes

Drifter tech ultra shields that prevent collision damage [gently nudges you away instead], thermal damage from suns no matter how close you are and stops all forms of incoming fire until fully depleted. — Fire control systems that precisely target every piece of armor on the ship before striking the hull. — Finally —An Omni ammo upgrade that disregards intervening objects like asteroids, star gates, structures and the sun.
Oh wait, we actually have all of that now, never mind.

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Because 2 former EA devs are working for CCP for several years now and, coincidentally, shortly after they joined CCP, the development of EVE took a sharp turn towards money grabs, unfocused, unreliable, erratic development with lots of issues.


I for one expect another ‘‘patch’’ that if done well we wont feel any ill efects. Local is still screwy day 7.

A new chat feature. :rofl:

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Wow, they just fixed the bug of 2 Rakkas to spawn in Guristas sites!


I liked that bug :cry:

Aw … :cry:

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For April fool’s CCP must announce, that to counter anom’s being easy and people afking in them they now added a random chance for npc capital ships with web/scram/ewar to spawn in those sites. xD So that all afkers can kiss their ships goodbye.

P.S. I’m kidding this is already in game :] Well played CCP

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