Ok CCP April fools is over, is this real? FW changes

You posted it on April fools day, is it real or a joke?

It is perfect, isn’t it? Plausible enough to be… plausible and real. Yet also posted on April Fool’s Day.

10/10 either way.

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It’s real and a good change coming.

I’m more interested in Eric though.

On no less risk aversion…gasp

Yes, Eric sounds like a good idea. Similar to what Valve did recently with the new Dota2 Plus Subscription service.

Eric is fake news though.

They’ll adapt. They always do.

nope it was an april fools joke.

Yes, that’s what I meant. It was fake, as it was an April Fools joke.

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CCP always released real news along side fake news on April 1st. This is real, and a good change from the sounds of all the complaints I hear from people who are active in FW.

Not actually doing anything in FW myself I can’t say if it’s enough, not enough, unrelated to the problem or anything else. But at face value, it seems to address most of the complaints we regularly see outside of botting itself.

EDIT - Unless of course you thought the cat ears and ERIC were the serious patch notes lol

Though this is CCP we are talking about… you can never be 100% sure. :smirk:

I think the impact will be relatively small. It won’t stop farmers by any means.

What it will mean is they’ll warp out earlier, as soon as you are warping in on grid.

At the moment, a lot of farmers wait until they are pointed/scrammed before they warp. It’s deliberate, in order to cause the sec status loss (to neutrals), then they warp off.

They won’t be able to do that anymore, but otherwise I don’t think it will really have much impact, as people looking to fight are never WCS fit to begin with.

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