Dear CCP, April fools is over

Gate to Stain Under Construction | EVE Online link is still in the launcher.

You can remove the funny joke now, April fools is only for the first day.

Never, never.

Id like a revote based on this as to how many people think CCP could deploy a working capital depreciation system.


Probably extends over a weekend as they see it

We need plenty of those. More fools, More Isk.


Your flights into fog-ridden obscurity are breath taking.


I live to impress even with mediocrity

I dont think we should rush into things has CCP done impact studies on all the uncontacted tribes running around that godforsaken place and what itll do to them when all of new eden comes pouring into there natural habitat to colonize and exploit there resources and what will become of there culture when code and their new order stuff comes to brainwash their primitive minds.

It will always have been published on April Fools, just like every years.

Sure, but it doesn’t need to stay in the Launcher past 4/1. There are plenty of other items that could cycle back into that launcher slot after the date of the event ends. CCP struggles with timely launcher-content maintenance on the whole, including leaving up ads for sales past their end date.

i am pretty sure the industry changes were the actual joke


Wait? The gate was an April fools? Hmmm It’s the 5th April YC123 already?

yep, they posted it on april fools look at the gate 2021-04-01 - BY CCP AURORA

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